Alice Coltrane TV show
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I am looking for information and/or a recording of a TV show presented by Alice Coltrane.

Apparently Alice Coltrane had a TV show on KTTV, called Eternity's Pillar. Two short pieces of an episode from 1986 are available on Youtube: 1, 2. I can't seem to find anything else online, even though one of the commenters on the first video says:
this is a snippet of a public access tv show that alice coltrane had which aired in LA during the 80s. it was amazing and toward the end of every show she would play harmonium and sing vedic gospel songs with some of the folks from her ashram. it was amazing and beautiful. i wish i could find the whole show.
Does anybody know anything more about this? And could you help me find a recording of it?

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Have you tried contacting a library? Although the show was out of LA, the Schomburg Center in NYC or the Museum of Television and Radio might have leads.
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I'd strongly recommend getting in touch with Mark Cantor, leading jazz video expert (amazing things in his collection!) and, based on my very brief meeting with him, nice fellow.
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I might be misreading this, but KTTV is not public access, it's channel 11, the Fox affiliate. (And would have been in the 80s.) Maybe that's confusing your search?
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