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I just filled up my $10/month Google Drive 1TB plan. The next step up is $100/month 10TB plan, which I can't afford. Is there a way to get 2TB or maybe 1¢/gb on Google Drive? I really love Google Drive, but maybe there other services that offer 1TB+ for a reasonable amount of money? Dropbox seems to max out at 1TB?

I don't really want to use BTSync etc since I can't get to the files from any computer.
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Can you just make another account? Will you need really common access to things in both terabytes or can you make one like "long-term storage" and one like "regular access" as the primary one you use day-to-day. I'm not sure if that would be a huge pain though...
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Oh hey shoulda googled first. Looks like you can share access to a master folder across two accounts so you can access all the files from one place but use the storage on two different accounts:

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I combine Dropbox with crashplan, which has no limit but isn't as instant-access as Dropbox, for stuff that I don't need constant availability for but want to save. I think there's other cloud backup options like that.
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I was just looking into this - I need 2T too - and am thinking of using this: https://www.sync.com - it provides end-to-end encryption, works with NAS... I haven't made the jump yet though so any negative information would be appreciated by me too!
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Amazon Glacier is cheaper per GB.
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Best answer: I use Amazon Cloud Drive, which is $60/year and has no limit. The interface is different, in that you have to choose the stuff that you want to upload; there's no folder that auto-uploads like Dropbox or Google. What I like is that I can upload stuff and then delete it locally (although I have a hard drive backup, too).

FYI, if you're filling it with photos and you have Amazon Prime, you get free unlimited photo storage.
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Amazon Glacier is cheaper per GB.

Be vewwy careful with Glacier
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