Do you use Paprika to organize recipes/plan meals? (New User Question)
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I am trying to keep ALL my meal planning/grocery lists in Paprika. Is there a way to enter super basic meals or staple items so that in addition to being in my meal plan, it shows up on my grocery list?

For example, if I want to plan to have cereal in the morning, how do I just enter "cereal" so it shows up as breakfast on my meal plan and then "cereal" shows up in the shopping list? or for snacks like "yogurt"? I don't really want to enter all of these basics as recipes, if there's a better way. Thanks, paprika using mefites!
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Yes! Using your example (this is from Paprika on the iPad)
1. Select the menu planner (calendar icon).
2. Tap '+'.
3. Select from the three options: Add Recipe, Add Note or Add Menu.
4. Enter your item, select the date and meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) then save.
5. While still on the menu planner, tap Select.
6. Select the items you want to export to the grocery list.
7. Tap the export icon and select 'Add to Grocery List'.
-- Items should appear in your grocery list.

Hope this works for you!
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Addendum: for an item such as cereal, use the Note option. Forgot to add that to my reply.
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Response by poster: Hi BigRedKitty, thanks for the instructions! When I add "cereal" as a note to my menu planner, it doesn't give me the option to select it/export it (when using the ios app), and on my macbook, when i select the item and click export, it doesn't have any "ingredients" for me to select/export. am i missing something?
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Ok, this is weird because the instructions above definitely worked when I tested them last night on the iPad and are not working this morning. But neither is the Export to iCalendar option. I don't have any experience with the iPhone or desktop app, I use the iPad app only. On the iPad, the export option is an icon that looks like a piece of paper with an arrow coming out of the top.

Send me a MeMail and I can try helping you resolve this via email.
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Can confirm the behavior the OP describes (it can't export a note to the grocery list because there are no ingredients.)

Do you have to have it automatically export from the calendar? I don't tend to plan out basics like eggs, yogurt, cereal, coffee in the calendar, so I just add them to the grocery list manually.

Another option is if you have a standard set of non-recipe basics you purchase every trip, make one master "recipe" called Basic Foodstuffs or something that is just a list of those basics, and throw it in your calendar wherever for exporting. Worst case scenario is as you're confirming the ingredients for export you remove ones you don't need on this trip, but I assume you (like me) do that for all recipes anyway for ingredients like salt, oil, etc.
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