Quality over quantity - what's your favorite website to visit every day?
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Last asked in 2012 and with some sites from there now dead, what would you recommend now?
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Ask a Manager
Jezebel (ugh, I know)
Ask Metatfiler
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Then I use ighome.com as a replacement for the defunct personalizable Google aggregator (that I can't remember the name of anymore).
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Metafilter, Ask Metafilter, io9, Jezebel, AV Club, Birth Movies Death, Talking Points Memo, Think Progress, Daring Fireball, The Loop
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cake wrecks, and epbot
sociological images, though that isn't being updated as often as it used to be, unfortunately
the blogess
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Oh I've also been sucked into Quora lately, much to my chagrin
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AskMeFi, Hacker News, and then specific subreddits that I'm interested in. The general subs on Reddit are pretty garbage, but there's a lot of quality in the smaller subs - something like /r/curling as an example.
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Metafilter, Ask Metafilter, Techdirt, GoComics.com for Frazz, PBS, Calvin & Hobbes, The Guardian soccer news page.
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As I was thinking about this I got distracted by my RSS feeds and decided to unsubscribe from anything that had not updated in the past 24 months. I'm down to 60 feeds. That was probably 300 back in the day.
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Digg has actually gotten pretty good lately.
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Ars Technica
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They're on a break right now (til Sept. 6), but usually The Morning News - Headlines.
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this isn't happiness
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Arts & Letters Daily.
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xkcd, Lowering the Bar, Hackaday, MeFi & AskMeFi, EFF's Deeplinks blog.
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The History Blog. History in every possible variety.
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you're welcome
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*** Daily
Ask Metafilter
Ask A Manager
Not Always Right
Not Always Working
Not Always Learning
Good Shit
Two Wheeled Madwoman
Books Bikes and Boomsticks
Craigslist Flag Help
Craigslist Help Desk
Craigslist Feedback
Say Uncle
New Jovian Thunderbolt
Clayton Cramer
Language Log
Dr. Grumpy
Cooks Talk Classic
Shall Not Be Questioned
Bayou Renaissance Man
PawPaw's House

*** As updated
Lawdog Files
Montana Supreme Court Decisions
Uncle Orson Reviews Everything
Sharp as a Marble

*** Sporadically
Megan McArdle
Volokh Conspiracy
Marginal Revolution
The Bleat
Cafe Hayek
Small Dead Animals
Arts and Letters Daily
Betsy's Page
Evil HR Lady
By Common Consent
Times and Seasons
Wheat and Tares
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Twitter, Slack, Facebook, Mefi, Gmail. Everything comes from the content I get through those routes. There's no site producing original content that I visit daily, even news sites. If it's important or interesting such that my feeds link to it and discuss it, I usually find out about it. Without all the signal-to-noise problems that come with visiting a site every day hoping for something worth reading. That's probably the most important change to my internet habits this decade. (It's probably also the reason many sites are struggling or working hard to adapt to the new reality of siloed content.)
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I find Movie City News a pretty solid source for film biz happenings, from a Hollywood perspective.
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I assume you already know about Metafilter.

The Conversation. I subscribe to the feeds for all its regional subsites and read a reasonable chunk every day.
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Ask A Manager (I know, mentioned already. But it's great!)
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Global Voices Online
Atlas Obscura
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Electoral-vote.com is principally a poll aggregator, but it's also updated once a day (early in the morning in the US) with intelligent (and left-leaning) commentary on political news, with links.
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fark.com (not so much these days...)
bbc radio
history blog
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Response by poster: To answer my own question and avoiding repeats:

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In addition to a number of the sites listed above, 3 Quarks Daily.
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planetizen.com -- an urban planning articles aggregator
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The Guardian
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Brain Pickings - An inventory of cross-disciplinary interestingness, spanning art, science, design, history, philosophy, and more. One thing of note here are amazing, interesting articles rather than very short articles or lists that people are so into now.
...But not too long.
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Here are the sites I habitually return to:

Reddit. Shameful, but some of the subreddits are useful.

Casey Neistat's Youtube channel. I can't quit watching this.

Kottke. A web classic from back in the day.

If I find a longer article I like, I send it to Instapaper and read it later on my phone.

Everything that looks interesting also gets bookmarked and tagged at Pinboard. Anything I post on Facebook is auto-bookmarked as well. It's like I'm collecting data for a book I'll never write, or curating for a museum that never opens.

Alexis Madrigal's Near Future is very interesting but publishes infrequently now that he has other responsibilities.

Dave Pell's newsletter is a constant source of clickable news goodness and probably my single best source of STUFF.

Oh, Cool Tools comes to my inbox and I often read the site and anything else Kevin Kelly is doing.

I primarily get Brain Pickings and articles by the group I refer to internally as "those smart Russian young ladies" like Maria Popova and Maria Konnikova plus other authorial updates through Facebook. Just follow interesting peope and unfollow your boring friends.

Google news.

The other sites I go to are forums dedicated to weird little hobbies of mine: Micro four thirds photography, recumbent bicycles, and board games. Within those sites we often discuss movies, books and politics.

I should probably track where most of my bookmarks are coming from.

I don't come to Metafilter as much but I'm not sure why. It gets a little strident at times, perhaps.
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