H&M Blouse Size-mergency
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I know H&M runs small but I don't own any of their clothes. Do I order the shirt I love 1 or 2 sizes up? (Link inside - Women's edition!)

Here's the shirt. (stunning)

It looks button front so I won't have to slip it on. I'm debating between a 4 and a 6.

My bust is about 33"ish with a bra, waist is 26". (My instagram is linked in my profile if you want to see my body type.) I also normally wear a Junior's small or a women's X-small - for example I'm a Small at Forever 21.

I've read that if the shirt is billowy or blousy than you can do just one size up. Though it won't be the end of the world if it's a little loose with the style and I'd rather have loose than have buttons pull at the bust but I also don't want a tent.

Do I go with a 4 or a 6?

I know I can return/exchange but I'd like to not have to.

Thank you all!
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Best answer: I am in Australia but I have to get h&m shirts two sizes up so they don't gape at the buttonholes (even though I'm only a B cup) and so they fit me around the arms. (I do have large biceps for a woman though).
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Best answer: I would concur. I'm in UK but have to buy H&M two sizes up in tops. Anything else doesn't fit over my (fairly narrow) shoulders.
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I'm in the US, and in my experience H&M generally runs small but within the range of sizes I typically wear. Currently I wear between a 10 and 14 in most common mall-store brands, and I'd order a 14 for myself. For a button-down shirt, though, ordering two sizes up is not a bad idea, because gaping buttons suck.

If it's really love, order both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit.
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I'd go for the 6.

(But it's 100% rayon, I bet it was steamed six ways to Sunday before that picture was taken and collapsed into a pink-peach prune 5 minutes afterwards - anything here or here - that is at least a rayon blend - scratch the same kind of itch?)
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Best answer: According to What Size Am I, the 6 will be a better fit.
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What kind of body type are you, based on how clothes usually fit? That's a better indicator than Instagram photos unless you have a full frontal and side profile of you in yoga clothes on your insta. My bust is around 32-33" with a bra (32A) and I always wear a 4 in H&M tops. But I'm a rectangle body type who can fit into most size 0 button downs at J.Crew, although I need a 2 at some places for my shoulders. What I'm saying is, H&M runs one size large IFF you have a small bust proportionate to the rest of your upper body (and shoulders aren't overly broad). They cut for a tall B-cup slim hourglass, approximately.

Ask yourself if you ever have issues with button pulling on other shirts you've tried on. If the answer is yes, go with the 6. If the answer is no (like me, who has more problems with gaping overly large chests than button pulling), go with the 4.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I went with the 6. It buttons all up so I don't need to worry about it being too open in the front. And I'm fine with the fabric.
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Response by poster: In case anyone was wondering, the 6 is perfect and beautiful. It's blowsy near the midsection but the bust would have been too small in a 4 I think.
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