Good, relatively inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard for Android phone?
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I have an Android phone. I would like to be able to type on a normal keyboard with it. I would like this keyboard not to break instantly. I would like to not spend more than say $30-$50 but if that's not reasonable, fine. Your suggestions?
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Haven't tried it ( got the Apple version) but the Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard - Black seems about right.
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I bought the Logitech Keys-To-Go keyboard, and I'm thoroughly impressed with it when using it with my new ipod. Not sure if it works with android, for certain, but, heck, bluetooth is a standard, right, so I'd be surprised if it didn't work.

May wanna check the vendor's return policy just in case.



PS - enjoy your vacation!
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I turn to the Wirecutter for any question like this, and they suggest the Logitech K380. Also, I am a fan of Anker's inexpensive and dependable products, so if you want to save some $$ the Anker keyboard is good too. I have one.
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When I got a Surface Book and discovered, to my dismay, that the keyoboard DOESN'T GODDAMN BLUETOOTH TO THE DISPLAY when they're disconnected, I went out and got a Microsoft floding keyboard, which I've been mostly happy with, aside from a couple key locations. I use it 100% for drawing in Photoshop, though, so my whole perspective is through that lens.
But it's really small, feels pretty well-built, and lives invisibly in my toolbag while I'm not using it. Definitely on the spendy side, but it's surprisingly good.
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I have the Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard as mentioned above and I like it. The key size is comparable to a full sized keyboard, which is great - I had a much smaller keyboard which has smaller keys and was impossible to type on correctly. However keep in mind that it's not quite great as a 'travel' keyboard - other Bluetooth keyboards are smaller / thinner / folding etc. and have integrated rechargeable batteries. It also lacks an integrated way to hold your phone, so if you don't have something for that purpose you will need to get one. Love the fact that it easily switches between three devices, but you didn't mention that as a need.
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I've been using an HP bluetooth K4000 for about a year and I'm happy with it.
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I got a Pluggable Ultra-Portable Folding Keyboard and it works pretty well.
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