What replacements for Amazon and Sephora ship to Israel?
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Just what is says on the tin. Other than iherb.com, what are some replacements for my Amazon and Sephora addictions that will ship (preferably without paying an absurd amount) to Israel?
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Response by poster: Bonus question: I love getting boxes from Birchbox and Ipsy. Are there alternatives that will ship to Israel?
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Best answer: What do you buy from Amazon? It's kind of a source-of-everything, which may be hard to replace, but specific categories could be served by different sources.

For Sephora, I've heard good things about Beauty Bay and they claim to ship worldwide for free on orders over $20.
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If what you buy from Amazon is books, Book Depository has free shipping to Israel.
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Response by poster: Not books, more random everything else. (I can get ebooks from my US-based library.)
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Best answer: Asos delivers to Israel for around $4 or free depending on how much you spend. They have a beauty section - a couple of the brands overlap with Sephora, though most are different.
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* eBay - shipping prices might be more reasonable for certain items
* AliExpress - many items have free shipping
* Shipito - package forwarding from the US
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