Serendipity by mail
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I subscribe to Stack, a service that sends you a random indie magazine once a month. I like the fact that I get something totally unexpected that I would never think to buy. Are there other services like this, that would send me slightly random things that I might not know I like?
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There are a bunch of monthly subscription boxes a la Birchbox, where you pay 20-40 bucks a month and they send you a box of curated samples. I get the Hatchery box, which is fun spices and condiments. I would recommend it if you cook a lot, or like to try new flavors.
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Here is a directory for many different types of subscription boxes.
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Artsnacks! Real and quasi random art supplies.
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Loot Crate - no personal experience, but my kids keep asking for it.
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I just subscribed last month to Zine-O-Matic, and my kids and I enjoyed the assortment we got.

I subscribed to iPenBox for three months and we really enjoyed it. My kids and I liked getting new pens and pencils to try out, especially the fountain pens, which we didn't have experience with.

My oldest LOVES OwlCrate, which is a Young Adult novel subscription. Every month has a theme, and there's a main book, a secondary book, and assorted odds and ends like themed jewelry, bookmarks, cards, little notebooks. We've all been impressed with the quality and assortment of stuff.

I haven't had a chance to try out New Hobby Box, but I'm really eager to.

CrateJoy is another marketplace where you can explore a lot of options.
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If you like to cook, the Raw Spice Bar subscription is AWESOME. It is $8 a month and you get little packets of spices, and a collection of recipes for them. Each month has themes like Provence, Kansas City, Istanbul, etc.
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Not a subscription service, but Postcrossing may scratch your "serendipity by mail" itch. Basically, you'll send and receive postcards to and from random people all over the world.
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If you like video games there is indiebox, which sends you a nice hard copy of a good independent video game every month.
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Vinyl Me, Please is a monthly record subscription. They send an LP that pressed just for the club. The albums have custom cover art and come with a suggested cocktail recipe.
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There are a lot of yarn subscription type things, for the yarn-y type.
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There are a bunch of different subscription boxes listed here. You'll find subscriptions for food, jewelry, clothing, crafts, etc. It's a great way to get a new surprise every month!
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