2016 in 3 videos or less
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Let's say you have a friend who pulled a Walden for all of 2016 so far—went to a house in the woods, no internet, no TV, no phone. This friend is now returning to civilization and ready to see what he missed. What do you show him—videos, headlines, etc—that will help him understand what 2016 has been?

(Bonus points if you can find a Trump compilation that really captures the worst moments—I've found a few but they don't quite hit the nail on the head.)
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I immediately thought of Prince a few weeks before he died covering David Bowie.
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Go through a bunch of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight episodes.
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Deaths in 2016 (Wikipedia)
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Sassy Trump
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A couple of issues of People magazine will really hit the spot. (It did for me, after several months in remote Africa, pre-internet.)
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Non stop headlines of musicians dying, like every two weeks or something. This kind of started last November
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I will be a contrarian here, since I'm guessing 99% of the replies will be negative: Some Good News: 16 Ways 2016 Is Not a Total Dumpster Fire
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This Hillary Clinton ad regarding Trump is pretty stunning.
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