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Mr jshort and I are looking for a great place to watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers games in the South Bay Area. This is our first NFL season here and we don't have cable/satellite. Please help!

The most important requirement is that they'll put our game on, so likely a place that has lots of TVs (and Sunday Ticket, of course) so they show all the games. And they need to be open at 10am since the Bucs haven't earned many later afternoon/night games.

Secondary requirements:
- Good food. Upscale bar good is fine, as is any kind of non-American food. We just want options other that deep fried food.
- Friendly bartenders and room for us at the bar (with the TV showing our game nearby). We'll become regulars if we can find the right place.
- Non-obnoxious patrons. In other words, I don't mind a little ribbing but I'd rather not be constantly harassed or called vulgar names because I'm a fan of a non-local team. We just moved from Philly where this was a problem depending on where you go.
- Uber/Lyft able distance from West San Jose/Cupertino.
- Comfortable for us to hang out all day on Sunday.

To give you an idea of our ideal place, this was our home bar and where we've watched football for the last 11 years.
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If there's a Buffalo Wild Wings around, that may be a good backup bar for you. Pretty much guaranteed that they will show your game. Not the best food; not the worst.
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In general California doesn't do bars in quite the same way as Philadelphia.

I would have recommended Double D's in Los Gatos, but they had a fire last year and are still rebuilding.

Jakes in Saratoga and Britannia Arms in Cupertino, are the classic sports-related bars, but they don't have the multiple TVs turned to every game. There's a new place called The Stadium or Bert's Stadium Sports Bar in Sunnyvale which might be a good choice, but I haven't been there.

You're probably better just taking recommendations from Trip Advisor or Yelp.
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