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My 3+ year-old HTC One has developed a bug where the camera turns everything purple, battery life is so bad I have to plug it in before lunch, and it's developing some weird keyboard entry errors. Thinking of switching to the iPhone 6SE, but have questions!

I've always used Androids, but mostly as a matter of price rather than any sort of brand loyalty. My phone use is all really basic, mainly texting, taking pictures, and some standard apps. What do I need to know about switching?
1) Any differences in layout/function that might be hard to get used to?
2) The apps I don't want to have a phone without are Facebook, Clue (period tracking), Instagram, tumblr, Amazon, Band, FitNotes. I can't imagine I'd have issues with any of these but figured I'd ask.
3) Any particular reason I shouldn't get the 6SE? I like the size and price. I know that supposedly the 7 is coming out later this year but I'd like to update now - I have a vacation and PAX coming up where I'd like to be able to take a lot of decent pictures.
4) Case recommendations? I'm not going to lie, I love the pink and gold colors I can get the phone in and I don't want something super bulky that looks like the military designed it. My phone usage is not particularly extreme, mostly it needs to be protected from accidental drops. I see a lot of cases that just say they're for iPhone SE - can I assume they'll fit the 6SE?
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Can't answer the Android questions, but Pn the case thing, yes you can assume SE cases fit the 6SE. Also, 6SE is the same form as the 5S, so any cases labeled 5S should work.
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Which is to say, your case options with the 6SE are enormous, and many of them are not military-ish. This is what I use on mine. If you like the rose and gold colors, you can get a clear case, or even something like this.
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1) The layout on the iPhone is extremely simple compared to Android. When I switched from Android to iPhone, I was sure that I was missing something because it is so simple and you can't do anything with it other than move apps around or make folders to put them into. I actually prefer the iPhone and its lack of options, widgets, etc.

2) You will have to search the apps that you must-have. In most cases, they will not be the same app, but a similar app, and in most cases you will have to pay for them on the iPhone; fewer apps are free for iPhone, but it's worth it to pay $0.99 for an iPhone app because they are insanely better, more stable, etc than Android apps (but this is just my opinion after using both platforms for years). Facebook and such will be the same app, but for the others you will have to do your own research.

3) I can't answer the 6SE question because I can't stand anything bigger than the 5, but the cameras have been amazing since the 5; even better than any mid-range point and shoot camera I have ever used. You need to learn how to use the camera effectively though (e.g. pictures my wife take look horrible; pictures I take look amazing).

4) There are only 1,658,298 cases available. If you can think it, it exists. Takes a lot of research, but Amazon is your friend for this.
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There's the 6/6S form factor, there are the "Plus" versions, and there's the (no number) SE, which is iPhone 5-sized. Those are the 3 different sizes. An SE case will be too small for a 6.
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Response by poster: The guy I talked to at the AT&T store kept calling it the 6SE, but now that I look at Apple's webpage, you're totally right. So I guess the SE is what I want to switch to.
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The next iPhone will most likely be announced on September 7th. So, we're talking about less than two weeks from now. I agree that if you want the SE form factor (which I like also, so I totally get it), you're probably not going to want anything announced there. However, sometimes they do pull surprises out of their sleeves. I think it's almost always a mistake to buy an Apple device immediately before the new one is announced, even if you know you want the old one. If nothing else, the price may be reduced (probably not super likely with the SE since it just came out, but you never know).

Aside from that, I'd say there's no reason not to get the SE. It's a great phone. A couple of my family members have them, and I am envious of their smaller phones (I have a 6).
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Just a quick recommendation - be sure to get the 64gb size. Your memory will fill up super quickly on the 16gb phone.
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This Spigen case is as slim as you will probably find for the SE.
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My employer just replaced my workphone with an SE last week. I really love it. Great size. Lightning fast. It feels sturdy while also being small and light. I also have an Android phone for personal use, and I find it feels like it takes a lot more clicks (on more different places) to do anything in Android than in iOS.
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3) Any particular reason I shouldn't get the 6SE? I like the size and price. I know that supposedly the 7 is coming out later this year but I'd like to update now

Update now if you need to, but there are new phones coming in a couple weeks.
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Definitely hang on until 7th September, it would be surprising if the existing phones didn't drop in price. Agree that the SE is a great phone if you like that size.
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It seems somewhat unlikely that there will be an update on the SE, since it was just announced in March. So that particular model and its prices probably won't be affected. However, if you want a bigger phone but are going for the SE because it's smaller, it would be worth waiting to see if there will be price drops/closeouts on the 6-range after the new ones are announced that bring them within your reach.

I'm actually contemplating doing the exact same switch in the very near future. I went to Android from Blackberry on the theory that I shouldn't be putting all my eggs in one OS basket (I carry and love an iPad Mini). I consider myself reasonably adept at tech for a layperson, but I ended up loathing Android. I bet you'll like the SE.
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