Where or How to Print Fan Cards for our Artists
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I am a production artist at Passion Works Fine Art Studio in Athens, Ohio. We feature the collaborative work of our adult artists with and without disabilities. I've been wanting to include information about the artist who produced the piece with each sale in a Fan/ Baseball Card format.

I'd like these cards to be in a 2.5" X 3.5" "baseball card format. I've created a 300 pdi jpg file for each artist w/ photo on the front and a sample painting and artist info on the back. We're yet another struggling non-profit that needs to seek out a good deal. We'd need multiples of cards for about 20-plus artists at a good price. Any suggestions? The design is already finished. I suppose I could figure this all out on Photoshop but I'd really rather have a professional looking product to go in with the art. I'd appreciate any suggestions (links?) and so would our amazing artists! Thanks! Christine
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Adjust size to business card format.

Or, destop printer and cut out cards.
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Best answer: Although you'll lose the baseball card look, you'll get a lot more bang for your buck if you size to standard business card size. You can seek out any number of digital printers who will print 250 or 500 of each card for $20.

If that's not an option, take your files to your local quick print shop, like Minuteman or Kinko's and get a price.
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Get the real thing: http://www.topps.com/collectibles/trading-cards/topps-custom-cards.html

8 cards for $10, 24 for $20, 48 for $30, 96 for $50.

Thanks for causing me to become aware of this!
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Response by poster: I'd happily pull this off in-house, but we no longer have our graphic designer with us. I'm concerned about precise layout issues on this two sided project.
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Response by poster: Thank everyone. I ended up taking the files to Staples. They gave me a decent price on what I needed.
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