Can this Motorola Droid Maxx be saved?
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My phone keeps spontaneously shutting down even when there's plenty of battery life left.

I've already installed a new battery but it didn't help. The shutdown happens about once a day. In order to get it running again, I have to plug it in and reboot. Any thoughts?

Secondary question, if the phone is not long for this world, any recommendations? I'm reading that the new Motorola Z Force? Turbo? My carrier is Verizon but I'd like an ulocked phone in case I feel like switching some day. (Please don't recommend Apple phones, thanks.)
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I had a similar issue with my android phone about a year ago and it resolved itself on its own. I do think it has something to do with a Google Play services update and subsequent other update, but I am speculating. It could be a loose connection although if it is fixed by plugging it in an rebooting, I suspect a software issue more than hardware.

As for a phone, I would either get one of last year's Nexus (5X or 6P) now while they are on sale before the new Nexus phones come out next month or wait and get one of those (Sailfish or Marlin is apparently the code name) when they do come out. The advantage to a Nexus phone is that they will get all the software updates, including the new Nougat OS as soon as they are released and that they are carrier unlocked, easy to root if that is your thing and don't have carrier boatware. Note that some carrier modifications are considered by some users as to be a plus.
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I don't have any replacement recommendations, but this sounds a very similar to the ultimate fate of my previous motorola phone (razr m, I think?). The shutdowns increased in frequency until eventually turning it on just hung at the loading screen. It only took me about five days to go from normal functioning to nothing at all, so you may want to back up anything you want to save soon. The Verizon store employee I talked to later was confident there wasn't anything that could have prevented it, though how knowledgeable he actually was about it is anyone's guess.
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nvvd gives good advice here. Backup when you can, not when you have to.
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I had a phone that did this and the root cause was a faulty power button. It would erroneously register a press and hold of the button, which after about 10 seconds triggers a hard power off. I tried fixing it myself, which failed. It was pretty old and I ended up replacing it.

Seconding AugustWest's recommendation. I will never get anything but a Nexus phone until Google inevitably ruins/discontinues the line.
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My Nexus 5 did exactly the same thing; the problem turned out to be the power button - sometimes when they get a bit worn out, they stick, simulating the long press that shuts down an Android phone.

I would recommend the Oneplus 3. It's a lovely phone in all sorts of ways.
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Seconding everything AugustWest said about the nexus phones. I have the 5X, whihc is only $349 right now and I love it. I got the Android Nougat update this week. It's pretty great for the money.
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Response by poster: JESUS i just got the Nexus 6P and it's HUGE. Dammit. Also where the hell are the buttons for Apps, for Settings, I can't find anything! (working continuously, no time to RTFM) -- now have to convince guy at the Verizon store to sell me a Nano SIM card. Oh dear.
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Response by poster: Sorry, everything worked out. Thank you.
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