Prepster belts for the rest of us?
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I seem to remember seeing versions of the classic canvas- or leather-backed Nantucket ribbon belt that have weird/rude/subversive embroideries, little skulls or dicks instead of whales or boats. Am I imagining this?
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Here is the first search hit I got for "dick belt" So there is that.
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Actually... J.Crew had a bunch of these about 5-6 years ago; I still have one that has sharks and one with skulls.

Martha's vineyards has some skull ones as well, honestly, I guess skulls are not that subversive?
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Response by poster: I mean, I want ones with dicks on them. Skulls was a stretch/buying $100 of groceries with your pregnancy test. Like . . . cigarettes, maybe, would be what I'm after, stylistically.

I've seen the Dick Belt. Want something like a jacquard ribbon belt, alas.
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So far the weirdest one I've found is this History of Streaking one. Still looking though.
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Not cigarettes, but perhaps beer? The BYOB D-Ring Belt.
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Puffin' penguins apparently exists. Also they have the beer belt too, plus some other drink related ones.

This place takes custom orders but not sure if they do custom embroidery designs. But you can ask.
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Skull and crossbones, too.
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I have one with martinis and olives on it; tame, but very festive. There's this and -- why must the beautiful things all be so expensive? -- this masterwork with martinis AND PINK ELEPHANTS.
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(They do custom ones; doesn't look cheap though. Know anybody who thrills to {penis-related} needlepoint...?)
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