Recommend Muay Thai camp in Thailand
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Can anyone recommend a Muay Thai Camp in Thailand or Phuket to train for about a week?

I'm traveling to Thailand for about 2 weeks and would like to train in one of their camps for about a week. I have about 8 years of martial arts experience (not in Muay Thai, however). I want to avoid touristy spots like Bangkok and Sittaya. I'm thinking about Phuket or Koi Shamui.

On a side-note, can anyone recommend a set of headphones for my MP3 player that won't fall off when I'm hitting the heavy bag?

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er...Phuket & Koh Samui are major tourist spots in Thailand!

You could try one of the Jungle Gyms on Koh Phangan, just a short boat ride from Samui. I'm no MT expert but I know one of the instructors (semi-retired) there & they had a good reputation.

If you are going to be there around full moon then you might want to avoid the Haad Rin gym. Drop 'em an email & they'll be able to give you more advice on specifics.
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Response by poster: Perhaps I meant seedy = touristy? forgive the new years hangover
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If you think Phuket is without its seediness, maybe you'll want a blindfold to go with the headphones (!)

I trained here and can vouch for the quality of instruction.
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Can't say anything about the muay thai, but pattaya, as mentioned above, is definitely seedy-touristy. I never got that far south, but understand that Phuket is more just, well, touristy.

(I wouldn't be so quick to discount
Bangkok though, as long as you stay out of the nasty backpacker's nest that is Th Khao San. If the city atmosphere isn't the turn-off, you may want to do some more research into its possibilities.)
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stay out of the nasty backpacker's nest that is Th Khao San.

Bad advice.

One of Thailand's top gyms is located there at the Sor Vorapin camp. It's a Muay Thai experience that erd0c is after, remember.
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Response by poster: All advice is welcome. The situation is this, my wife is coming along and she would rather avoid Bangkok if at all possible. So, if given the choice, she would like to see Phuket or Koi Sumai. I was thinking of the Rawai Camp in Phuket or WMC camp in Koi sumai.

Any additional advice based on that? or are those choices piss poor?

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I've not heard anything bad about either the Rawai or Lamai Samui gyms. Muay Thai is the national sport, so the level is pretty high all over.

Post Tsunami, i'd be inclined to give my tourist money to the Phuket camp, but that's just me.

Whatever you choose, it'll be an amazing experience. Enjoy :)

Chok dee khrap.
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