FICO score with credit freeze
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Can I get my FICO or credit score if I have a credit freeze in place with the big 3 credit reporting agencies? Would I need to remove the credit freeze in order to get my credit rating?
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Yes you should be able to get it with an existing freeze. Getting your score through Credit Karma or an existing credit card that you have should be a soft inquiry and not listed as an attempt to obtain credit.
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Response by poster: Quote from Credit Karma:
If you’ve placed a freeze on your credit reports, Credit Karma won’t be able to provide you with your credit information. This is because security freezes generally restrict access to your credit report in order to protect your identity.

What if I have a bypass code or temporary lift?

Though you may be able to temporarily remove a freeze for other purposes, like applying for credit, a bypass code or temporary lift will not work on Credit Karma’s site.
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