How do I get a 5 o'clock shadow?
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ShavingFilter: Having a 5 o'clock shadow really works for me (clean shaven makes me look really young and I'm not into beards of any sort). So how do I maintain a 5 o'clock shadow look (or, as it was called in the 80s, designer stubble)?

The best I've come up with so far is that I shave with the beard trimmer attachment of my Braun Flex. This basically gives me a shave, but just not too close. However, it's a rather slow and tedious method, so I was wondering if anyone else has a solution, or a recommendation for a shaver that doesn't cut too close.
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They used to make razors specifically for this purpose (in the 80s). Not sure I'd recommend buying a used one, though!
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Response by poster: Yeah - I think Philips had a series of 3 head shavers that had a closeness setting. They don't seem to be around any more, which I guess either means they weren't very good, or that look isn't so popular any more.
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Shave at night - wake up with stubble?
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Shave before you go to bed?
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I have the same preference, and my solution was to use a beard trimmer, at the shortest setting. (It's a Norelco T860; I highly recommend it for this purpose.)
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Response by poster: No - after shaving it takes me a good few days to shake off the cherubic look.
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russmail, I have a similar problem. While I've gotten used to looking cherubic (I like looking younger now), my suggestion is to allow your hair (on your head) to be mussed while the facial hair is growing in and then cleaning up your head when the beard gets to the length you need. Yes, it's a cycle you'll repeat every 7-10 days, but the alternatives (like trying to find a razor that will shave just close enough) seem overly expensive and less that effective.
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Standard Clippers should do this for you. Look for something like This. Without a comb attached, this will give you the equivalant of 5 o'clock shadow. Vary the combs for more stubble. Depending on when you last used it (I tend to leave my beard for about a month), it'll take you 2-10 mins to shave.
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I actually recall reading a "How To" sidebar in GQ or Esquire (circa 1980's) on achieving the Sonny Crockett look .

Googled this and this, both are renditions of what I try to do myself but usually end up shaving the whole mess off.
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Here's what I use, I think I found it at Rite-Aid. It comes with 3 'close trim attachments.' Just use the shortest one.
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I have the same preference, and my solution was to use a beard trimmer, at the shortest setting. (It's a Norelco T860; I highly recommend it for this purpose.)

I second this. I have the T770 (which is basically the same thing) and on the shortest setting, it would do just what your looking for, and it says so in the marketing material they include with it!
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I use the clippers seanyboy refers to on my husband's head. Without the attachments on, you can adjust the combs to shave next to the skin or just slightly out from it. Seems to me it would be a simple and quick way to get the effect you're going for.
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I just plan things out. I like how I look with 3-4 days growth, so if I've got some sort of event I want to look good for, I make sure I shave a few days before that. Otherwise I just shave every few days (usually at night during the week, but only because I misjudge the line between "good" and "itchy" and can't bear to wait until morning).

While one could use a beard trimmer with no guard to trim down to stubble, I find that that just coats the area you're trimming in with a fine coating of little hairs that are impossible to clean off.
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I third the above recommendation of a hair trimmer with the attachments removed. I had a room mate who used to do it, and it seemed to work out OK.
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seanboy is right, the hair clippers are perfect.
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I just use clippers without a guard which covers more surface area and can therefore do it in about 1 minute. Much faster than a beard trimmer
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I use a beard trimmer doohickey from Wahl -- they generally make excellent products, including hair trimmers (pace seanyboy and spaghetti, I find the hair trimmers leave my beard too long). I can't find the actual one I use on the site, probably because it's several years old, but it was a cheapie like this and has given me no trouble.
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