Home plate icon to mean home on a device?
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Do you know any examples of the "home plate" image being used as the "home" icon?

I am seeking specific examples from devices or software that use the image of "home plate" from baseball to represent the "home" icon on devices or software. For example, both my HTC One smartphone and Kindle paperwhite use the home plate icon to represent home. I have searched previous AskMeFi posts and found only discussions on the evolution of realism in UI design.
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Are you sure that the "home plate icon" is not actually just a stylized house?
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Sorry, for clarification - I've always interpreted the symbol in the bottom center of this image as a very simple "house", and not a baseball home plate. For one thing, it's upside down to be a home plate, at least if you were standing facing the field.
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It's a house.
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Speaking as someone from outside the US, what on earth would a "home plate" icon look like?
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I agree, it's a stylised house. These are international devices used in countries where baseball is not as much of a thing as it is in the US. I even grew up in the US and had to think about what "home plate" looked like - it is true, it does look like an upside-down house.
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Here's a diagram of a baseball field-- home plate is at the bottom...


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The goal is for mobile OS iconography to be understood internationally, and one of the most ubiquitous icons of all is that of the "home" button, which is a usually a very simplified drawing of a house. In this case, HTC and Kindle's iconography were originally defined by Android's material design rules, and as such both use what I would consider to be the most simplified house icon (which does happen to look like a home plate!)
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Yeah, that's a stylized house icon. I'd assume that the concept comes from the "home" buttons on web browsers which had icons that were originally styled to look more like actual houses. See also the unicode description for this symbol.

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A stylized house has the pointy 'roof' pointing up. A home plate icon would have the pointy part facing down.

But to actually provide you with a real world example.
I used to be an avionics tech in the US Navy and I worked on F-14s. The F-14's radar main display is called a TID (Tactical Information Display) and it uses a 'Home Plate' as its home icon.
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