Pork tenderloin sandwich in CA?
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Is there anywhere in the Bay Area or Los Angeles where one can get a midwest-style pork tenderloin sandwich? I am thinking of the flat, breaded, fried meat discs on a bun, sometimes with pickles, like you could get in Iowa or Missouri.
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The closest you'll probably get in LA is a schnitzel at Red Lion. Take your own bun. The only tenderloin I ever saw in the southwest, period, was a Spring Training vendor inside one of the Midwestern team parks in Phoenix.
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A possibly-helpful Chowhound thread from six years ago.
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Sorry I don't have time to look around, but in Montana, we call that a PorkCHOP sandwich, so you might want to try that search term.
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I've never seen De Jonghe or Vesuvio dishes in LA restaurants.

IJR, I think your best bet would be to find out which sports bars cater to Midwestern college and pro teams.
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I lived in LA from 2000-2015 and never found one though my Euchre meet-up group certainly tried. In case you're considering getting them shipped - they don't travel well.

Cubs Spring Training in AZ has them. Iowa-style.
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