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I'm looking for a new building manager for a 30 unit condo in Chicago

I own one of the units in a 30-unit condo in Chicago. The building manager has consistently messed up everything he's worked on and I don't trust him at all. The building is from 1928 and does have some aging issues, he's constantly putting in 'his guys' to do random semi-expensive projects that don't actually fix problems with no notice. I am on the board and have been surprised multiple times already this year by work being done. We've gotten some bids for jobs that come back much, much higher when they're bid through him, and sometimes he doesn't even get a bid. Plus, they seem to do a bad job and there is never anyone checking the work at the end of a project. We have decent reserves, but I'm also seeing money just get burned up without actually making improvements and we do have some big projects in the near future. Many of the owners rent their places and don't live in the area which contributes to a level of neglect that I don't think is working. Basically I need recommendations for a new building manager in Chicago whose buildings aren't falling apart and who has contractors who can finish a job. Most people in the building seem like they're reasonably happy with the job he's doing, and they've had some even worse experiences in the past apparently but I am fed up.
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Check your me-mail, I sent a couple of recommendations on the North Side. Good luck! Serving on a condo board has got to be one of the most thankless jobs out there.
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Been there.

I suggest that you find a company where the managers have the Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management.

It was such a pleasure to go from a seat-of-the-pants manager to a group of professionals who know how to do things right and cost-effectively for our 15-unit condo building.
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