Recommend a book of American traditional flash tattoos
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I am looking for good books of Sailor Jerry-esque tattoo designs. It doesn't have to be specifically Sailor Jerry's stuff, just anything resembling a classic American traditional style. I am not interested in getting a tattoo, I just want to see lots of pictures of them.

I've googled "american traditional tattoo book" and etc, but haven't really found anything to my liking. Hoping MeFi will turn up some better leads. Thanks!
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I think you'd benefit from using the term "flash" as that's the word for tattoo designs.

This vintage tattoo flash book on Amazon has a 5 star review and looks really cool. And this one's also got good reviews.

Are you specifically looking for books for a specific reason (or for actual vintage work) or do you just want to see that style of tattoo? Because Instagram and social media is a huge resource for checkout out cool tattoos and you can search by hashtag. Most artists will tag their stuff with relevant hashtags. If you start an account to follow those types then your "explore" tab will also start to show cool stuff that's related. Generally only actual vintage work (or work by famous artists) will be in a published in a real book you can buy. You could check out magazines too.
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Response by poster: I just want easy access to a lot of different images of that style. I guess Instagram is probably my best bet. Thanks for the recommendation!
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