"Go fish" rules.
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In "Go Fish", is it legal to call for a card one doesn't have?
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Of course not... That would make for some bizarre gameplay. Hoyle agrees
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(though those seem to turn into the rules for some form of bridge partway through... But the Go Fish rules finish before that happens)
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I thought you could do exactly that to feel out what other players had, or deceive them about what you had. Looks like my parents were extra sneaky about card games.
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Not in the version we play at home
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My first reaction was "of course, absolutely" but... my family is also pretty cutthroat at cards...
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In my family known cheaters (like my dad) were required to show their own card when they asked for it.
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Another 'not allowed' here --- after all, an important part of the game is remembering what cards other players called for (and therefore showed they held) previously.
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(It's also not legal to lie and deny you hold a card you DO have --- Go Fish requires honesty on both sides!)
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Growing up, we played that way. As an adult now, I'd be kinder.
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Another vote for "no, you have to have the card".

Following this trend leads to the entertaining mental exercise of Quantum Go Fish.
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Playing with kids = honesty required.

Playing with adults = all bets are off.
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I have only ever played assuming that you must have at least one of the card you're asking for. However, I could envision a Go Fish/Bullshit mashup game where other players can call you out for asking for cards you don't have, with some penalty left up to the house (randomly giving up cards, maybe).
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If you play where you're allowed to do that, doesn't every turn just start with taking basically every card anyone else has, except for a couple new stragglers? The point of the game is remembering what people have until you have the opportunity to ask for it...
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What? No! "Can't ask for a card unless you already have one" is pretty much the key mechanic of the game; like brainmouse said, the whole point is keeping track of who has what and using it to your advantage when your turn comes around.
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In our house rules, you absolutely could. But our house rules also involved a lot of crying siblings and chess pieces being thrown at each other and parcheesi blockades....
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Huh, I definitely did this growing up and was a ridiculously scrupulous rule-keeper. I'd never considered it to be a lie (as it would be to say you don't have a card you have) or any kind of cheating; it was a way to get folks to reveal cards they had chosen not to reveal for strategic reasons. This thread is blowing my mind.
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What advantage would there be to get a card that does not match any of the ones you already hold? I suppose that my sneaky, underhanded, cut-throat, mendacious skills are lacking.
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Only cheaters, and young children.

But I repeat myself....
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Wikipedia says "NO!"
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Midnight Skulker: I would do it when my stepbrothers employed a strategy known as "ask for the same 1-2 cards every friggin' round." They'd spend a lot of energy stealing each other's cards while I asked for the ones they'd decided weren't so valuable, so they wouldn't get pairs on lucky fishing expeditions. I don't know that I won more often than I would have otherwise, but I did win sometimes, which was unusual with almost anything else (video games or sports) we played.
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