Help Me Book-ify My Old Livejournal
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The last time this question was asked was back in 2009, so just wanted to see if anyone had any advice or recommendations for getting a super old LJ printed into some sort of keepsake book.

I had a LiveJournal through most of high school and I would like to make sure, god knows why, my angsty emo teen scribbling is preserved somehow.

I saw this older question that recommended using a service called LJbook, but LJbook has been replaced with another service called BlogBooker. It looks like you then upload these PDFs to to actually print out as a book. Just curious if anyone had any advice on whether this is still the best way to go for this kind of project.

Ideally the service makes it easy to print all of the hundreds of entries and comments into some sort of pretty, readable, holdable physical format. I don't mind paying cash money, particularly for something that will look nice. It would be neat to be able to keep some of the formatting from the posts (images, the little mood and music dealies), but that's not required.

Also, curious if anyone has any general advice on digital preservation for this kind of thing. Seems like you can't really beat old fashioned paper.
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If you're on Windows, this version of LJ Archive works for me, although some Windows users have reported that it doesn't for them -

Here's another link about LJ Archive that links to the above one just in case -

The Mac back up utility can be found here -

You can export your old entries from here -

You might try asking on to see if anyone else has recently published their LJ to PDF - I haven't tried it. Good luck!
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I believe BlogBooker actually acquired LJBook, so it's the same thing under the hood. I recently used it to back up 14 (!) prolific years of LJ entries and ended up paying for the "premium" service plan because it didn't work at first. It turned out there were some corrupt settings that they had a tool to reset. Good news is the support did their job, so if you have issues it's easy to throw money at the problem and actually get a reply - unusual for anything livejournal-related these days since it is basically a dead platform.

The generated PDF looks fine. It's not gorgeously typeset or anything but I didn't really explore the options as I wasn't planning to print it. I don't think there exists a one-stop shop for this kind of thing.
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And I think you can do some amount of your LJ for free on BlogBooker if you want to try it out. Nothing to lose, right?
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I recently posted some tools for doing the archive downloading part of this to Projects. If you're on a Mac, I've ginned up a version with a simple GUI that I can give you.

Also, if you happen to use the Day One journalling software, I have another script that imports LJ archives into Day One, which can then generate PDFs, which you could then print and bind into a book.

This could even be the kick in the pants I need to actually integrate the whole thing.
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Do it, Sokka!!!!
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