Best place to eat in Boston or region.
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I am watching Chef's Table. I love good food and dream to go to Massimo Bottura's restaurant some day... some day. Until then I am hoping to find some place in Boston that has a chef that loves food as much as him! It's for a birthday celebration but doesn't need to be fancy or amazing service or anything - just terrific, inventive food. Do I have to go to New York or is there something here in Massachusetts?
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Journeyman is inventive.
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Cafe Sushi in Cambridge, especially the chef's tasting menu.

Journeyman is excellent also.
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I took my boyfriend for the omakase at Cafe Sushi last week for his bday dinner, and I can confirm that it's outstanding and inventive. I've heard the regular part restaurant is...fine? but the omakase is really special, and quite a deal compared to similar meals I've had in NYC.
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Depending on how you define "Boston area", I would highly recommend deadhorse hill in Worcester. You could make a weekend of it and stay out near there overnight, visit central MA. But be hungry for a meal at deadhorse hill. Full disclosure, the chef used to be at Strip-Ts in Watertown and made amazing meals that my husband and I regularly partook of, and when they opened deadhorse, we went to go check it out. and went back. multiple times. its so worth the drive
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Sarma in Somerville and Oleana in Cambridge, both inventive Mediterranean restaurants run by Ana Sortun, are delightful as well.
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Came here to recommend Sarma in particular - so inventive!
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I recently had a peak food experience at Menton in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. I've also been hearing amazing things about Tasting Counter in Somerville.

Others have already recommended Journeyman and Sarma, both of which are stellar.
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Journeyman is great, but would also echo Tasting Counter. The seating is set up so you can watch the cooking and the chefs are happy to talk through the food. Definitely highly recommend!
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