Is there an Android app for this?
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I want to do something like "Airplane mode" only for biking. I want to be able to toggle a group of settings every time I go for a bike ride, without having to check each one individually. The goal would be to press one button at the start of the ride and then undo it all at the end.

So, when biking, I may want something like: GPS on, Bluetooth on, wifi off, ringer level high, and so on. When I'm done and back home, I want to put them all back the way they were before the ride.

It would be great if I could make a settings "profile" into which I could add all the things I want for biking, and enable them all with one touch. Is there an app or this? Or some solution that you've found? Or maybe I'm just missing something obvious that's already there on my phone?

Using Galaxy S5 Active, Android 5.1.1
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You want an automation app, it sounds like. The gold standard for functionality is Tasker, though the UI is rough.
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Tasker. There are a few others as well.
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If you have CyanogenMod, you can use Profiles. If not, Tasker can do it. Locale and Llama are similar apps, though it seems not as feature-rich. Here's a comparison between the Tasker and Locale to give you an idea of their capabilities.

Some (though not all) of these apps have NFC triggers available. That means you could buy an NFC tag or sticker (for instance, for instance), put it somewhere on or near your bike, then tap it with your phone before you start riding to trigger whatever setup you create in Profiles or a similar app. Here's an NFC tag guide that explains more about how.
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I've had great luck with this one....

There's also a free one. You can build or buy activities triggers (which was the big differentiator) such as biking walking etc.
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Tasker can do this. You could even set up your profile to automatically detect when you're riding so you don't have to remember to start it up.
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Llama is said to be a bit friendlier than Tasker. It'll tell you if you need root for any of the various settings you want.
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Tasker or a Prof... nevermind.
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