What are the best works of art that have been made for the internet?
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I am interested in looking at art made for the web. Can you provide great examples?

I am most interested in material that can only exist on the web ... not just something on paper scanned and saved as a JPEG or that would be the same experience if printed out. For example, I love the work of Rafael Rozendaal, which is dynamic, interactive, animated, and can only exist as a webpage. What else is like that?
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As a resource, you might be interested in Rhizome, specifically their ArtBase.
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Google nightwalk tour of marseille is pretty magical. I think that counts - it's an immersive self guided tour of the southern French city of Marseille, complete with sounds maps and artscape. I consider it artwork anyways and it needs the internet or at least a computer to exist.
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Best answer: The webcomic xkcd has done several of these, including the impressive Click and Drag (explained).
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Best answer: jodi.org have been doing web-browser based glitch-art since the dawn of the internets.
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I would also recommend looking at the people list for the School for Poetic Computation and projects at the Studio for Creative Inquiry as some places to start unearthing cool new media works.
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William Gibson's Agrippa (A Book of the Dead) (digital, but slightly predating the web)
White Glove Tracking
The Wilderness Downtown
also: youfellasleepwatchingadvd.com
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Does Homestuck count?
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Ooh, I haven't thought about jodi.org in almost 20 years. Of similar vintage, still apparently alive and kicking, are Superbad and Entropy8Zuper.
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Around 2000 ish I remember reading a webcomic which was about dolphins and VR and psychedelia. It wasn't particularly interactive but (IIRC) used long scrolling pages which wouldn't have been practical in printed form. My google fu is failing. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Best answer: Kutiman's ThruYOU

Twitch Plays Pokemon

Your World of Text


Some other suggestions from my earlier Ask on this topic:


The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles
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It's twenty years old now, I realized when looking it up, but I still think 253 by Geoff Ryman is a great example of internet-based art. It's a series of stories about passengers on the same subway train, linked based on where they are in the car, their relationships, if they're thinking about the same thing-- really any different number of reading experiences are possible. And the writing is very good.
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Just came across this question, and I immediately thought of this work of Marcus Bl├Ąttermann (move your mouse around).
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