Total Immersion for Dummies
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I'm new to swimming and I really like the Total Immersion approach because it breaks down swimming into steps. I bought the Easy Freestyle Swimming DVD, and I'm finding it's a little too fast for me. There are so many TI books, YouTube videos and DVDs I'm not sure where to start. Unfortunately there are no TI coaches anywhere near me. Which TI DVD should I go with?
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Response by poster: I should have added - I took the great advice from my previous swimming question and got a swim coach. Now that my lessons are over, I'm looking to keep up what we worked on, and also remember the techniques. I'm OK with the breaststroke, but freestyle is difficult (getting easier implementing some of the TI tips I've gleaned so far, though).
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Best answer: I bought this TI book and studied and practiced it rigorously. I also checked out the basic TI DVD from my local library, just to get a visual aid re some of the stuff in the book. But IMHO the most important thing is paying very close attention to the written instructions in the book and practicing them regularly till they become second nature.

The TI method of totally breaking front-crawl swimming down and then building a good stroke up from scratch worked well for me. Having said that, I did find it a little Kool-Aid-y; I notice they try to promote Fistglove products and so on, which I chose to ignore. Good luck! Stick with it and you'll get better.
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