Can I do a "slide show" of someone's FB photos?
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I need to know if it's possible to run a slide show of someone else's FB photos during a memorial service....Snowflakes of course...

I have a dear, dear friend who has died very young and very suddenly. He was a beloved member of a rather large musical organization that I am also a member of. He was our photographer......taking hundreds of amazing photos at all of our performances, parties, social events, etc. for the past several years. Such a dear, sweet man who was always making everyone get in the picture.

We are having a gathering tomorrow for the membership to come by and mourn this friend's loss at my home. Just a time to get together and remember him and share all of our great stories. I would like to somehow attach my mac to the tv in my den and somehow do a "slide show" of all the pictures that he took over the years. Everyone who will be attending are his FB friends and family, privacy issues of showing these photos are not a concern.

Can I do this easily? I know next to nothing about this..... The only way I (and my NOT technological mind) can think of is to copy the photos onto my phone and somehow airplay it over the apple tv, on to my samsung smart tv. But there are several hundred...from the past several years and I would really like people to be able to see most of them...and the impact he has made and reflect on what he has meant to us.

I've really been stressing but then I thought that I could post this question on ask and get some guidance. I have a house to clean and food to prepare so maybe y'all can help me. Equipment..... I have a fairly new macbook....An apple tv, a tivo romeo, fairly fast wifi in the house and a 5 year old samsung 'smart tv'. I can barely work any of these but I have a crazy smart 16 year old daughter who runs all of this stuff. With a little guidance and instructions... I bet she could figure it out....IF this is possible. Please let me know if we can do this and how. TIA!!!
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Best answer: Install DownAlbum for Google Chrome (install Google Chrome if you have to), navigate to the album you want to download on Facebook, and click the icon to the right Chrome's address bar (an orange circle with a square picture in it). It will grind for a bit, then display a page of all the pics and directions on how to save them to a folder. Do this and now you have the pics in a subfolder of the folder you saved to.

Import the pics into iPhoto. If you have time to sync, you can just use the Apple TV, otherwise get your daughter to hook the Mac up to the TV and use iPhoto's slideshow.
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Best answer: The TV almost definitely has a USB port, and can run a slideshow from it. Loading them all on a thumb drive is almost certainly the easiest thing to do once you have them downloaded.
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Response by poster: Awesome!! DownAlbum worked like a charm!!! What a find!! Going to try both the air play method and the thumb drive and see which way works best. Thanks so much friends!!
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