Recommendations for cheap and safe parking at Newark airport (EWR)?
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Leaving my car at EWR while I go play in the Black Rock Desert dust for 2 weeks ...

Parking it this Wednesday around 4 AM (will need a shuttle from the lot to the terminal. Where can I park without breaking the bank, but still be reasonably confident of returning to an extant and intact automobile? Thanks!
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I'll risk the ire, I apologize if you've already dismissed this, but Newark does have a long-term parking lot. Only they call it the "Economy Lot".

Newark Liberty Airport Rates & Information

As long as you're gone for less than 30 days, you should be fine.

Enjoy Burning Man!
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There are a few non-airport-run lots with shuttle service as well, for cheaper than the official airport parking. I've done the Parking Spot before with no incident, and they have frequent shuttles.
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See how much a storage unit near the air port costs, monthly. It might be cheaper to lock the car in, and taxi over to the airport. It is 18 per day. That should be $275 with tax. The last time I rented a large storage unit, it was $125 per month. If you rented for two weeks it might be less.
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Recently, I was surprised by how little a one way/ one day car rental cost and I ended up taking a rental car from a nearby city to JFK airport. If there is a rental car location near you perhaps you can price this quickly. I think I paid 45$ one way. That could easily wind up less than 2 weeks of airport parking.
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I parked at EWR back in March and after doing my research settled on this place:

There are 10% discount coupons floating about that might knock the price down a bit more. They were cheap enough to feel reasonable, but not so cheap that it felt sketchy.

My experience is a data point of one, but I was very happy. The driver's chatter on the drive to the airport was a bit too much of an over-share on details I didn't care to hear, but outside of that it was smooth sailing.

I got in really late (1 am or so), and there was no discernible delay for being outside of peak hours.
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My wife and I used to use The Parking Spot on McClellan all the time. We never had any problems. One nice thing is that the shuttles are super distinctive when you're waiting for them outside the terminal on the way back.
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A few years ago, I left a car in the "p6 economy parking" lot. Click on "view map" on this page. I wouldn't hesitate to leave a car there as long as the rules permit.

However, when I went to pick up the car while my family waited for the baggage, I inadvertently got on a highway to Newark and it took me a half hour to get to an exit and work my way back to the airport. My wife was not pleased. (Nowadays, we both have phones, but at the time, she did not carry one.)
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Based on this thread, parked at ABC parking last month for ten days. It was a positive experience.
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The on-airport economy lot is $18 a day, you have to park your own car, and it's on the other side of the runways from the terminal so it is actually further away than many of the off-aiport lots. Really, the only positive is that no one else touches your car.

I usually use ABC. It can feel a little sketchy (their office is a trailer sitting in a parking lot), but that whole are of town is pretty sketchy feeling and I've never had a problem. Hardest part is finding the place which is a bit ironic since they have a very convenient location once you know where it is.
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