Organizing men's clothes
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Your tips for organizing a men's closet (mine). I don't have too many clothes, but it seems that after organizing things (folding tshirt, stacking them) everything is a mess within a couple of days. What's going on? How can I improve?
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Best answer: my husband has found that rolling shirts, rather than folding and stacking them, has made his life easier. The method in the video is much more compact than his.
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Was just coming in here to suggest rolling t-shirts in that exact manner.
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Best answer: When you put a thing in the closet, don't toss it in to deal with later. It has a spot and a configuration; fold it the way you want it to be, and put it in the correct location. If you have (e.g.) a large unwieldy stack of tees, consider a smaller shelf unit or other organizing unit to corral them neater. And pare down your wardrobe; if your closet is stuffed full, it's going to be much harder to keep neat.

It takes you the same amount of time to put something away correctly whether you do it right away or a week later. Take 30 seconds and do it right. My closet is one of the few spaces I have left that's all mine, and it gives me a not-insignificant amount of peace of mind that it's orderly.
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Best answer: Your mention of "stacking" makes me wonder if you're putting your clothes in piles/stacks that are too high or deep. Stacks are fine for long-term storage or things that are identical and interchangeable like towels, but not so great for things like shirts, because you can't reach something on the bottom without disrupting the top and who has time to put all that stuff back? Try shallower shelves/drawers, the rolling method above, and/or the KonMari vertical fold.

If you don't have a place to put clothes that you've already worn but can be worn a few more times before hitting the laundry pile, that will undo all your organizing effort. I like to lay previously-worn clothes out to air out before putting them away (or, rather, letting them accumulate in a horrible pile because I am a hypocrite). Tackle your dirty laundry as soon as the basket/hamper is full and don't let it accumulate further (again, I'm a hypocrite here).
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Why fold and stack? In the Corpse household we don't have dressers; we have plastic bins, sitting on shelves in the closets. It looks ugly but so what. Each person has bin for shirts, a bin for pants, etc. Putting clean laundry away involves throwing things into the bins. Done.
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Just here to second the KonMari method, and while the book does goes a little off the deep end, you might give it a quick skim.
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