What are your "must eats" in Seattle?
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I've been to Seattle a lot, and am sick of going where Yelp tells me to* I hope you can help me find the awesomest foods (bonus for cocktails/beer) in the city. *except Taylor's Oysters. Love me some Taylor's Oysters.
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Green Leaf for Vietnamese food - especially the crepe.

Bathtub Gin & Co for fancy cocktails.

Mee Sum for a walking breakfast of hum bao while the market is setting up in the morning.

Via Tribunali for the Margherita D.O.C. pizza on a weeknight (if you want to skip the wait).
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Chu Minh Tofu in the international district is fantastic. Like 12th and Jackson if memory serves.
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So, this is a bit YMMV, since it is an American food restaurant and not particularly trendy/challenging fare, but I always try to hit up 13 Coins Restaurant whenever I end up at SeaTac. I don't think I've tried anything there that wasn't delicious, but my favorites are "The Believer" (Chicken Parmasean), the Monte Cristo sandwich and the cheesecake. I don't really drink, so I can't speak to the quality of their cocktails, but I know that they do serve them.
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Have you been to Din Tai Fung in the University Village? They specialize in dumplings and they are amazing. Last time I went the wait was long (I think it was nearly 2 hours) but it was worth it, from dinner through dessert. It's not that pricey either, and it's basically a Michelin Starred restaurant (the Hong Kong branches of this restaurant I believe were given a Michelin Star).
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In the Ballard neighborhood, if you like oysters, check out The Walrus and the Carpenter. If you like more elegant food and cocktails, check out Staple & Fancy next door. Bastille and Stoneburner are a couple more Ballard favorites. Bastille has a back bar that used to have opera singers and accordion players come in and do French chanson; you might give them a call or send them an email if that's of interest. If you like Mexican food, check out (La Carta de) Oaxaca for amazing late-night tacos and margaritas (my only complaint would be that the portions are too small — I have heard the same complaint from nearby tables).
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Salare It's really wonderful. Haven't been next door to Wataru yet but have heard it might be the best sushi in Seattle. Kraken Congee in Pioneer Square for Pork Belly Adobo Congee. Cool cocktails too.
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These are my go-tos:

- Seconding Green Leaf, or the similar but fancier Tamarind Tree.

- Smith on 15th has really good gastropub-type food, especially their burger.

- Monsoon (pan-Asian)

- Marination Makai (or the take-out shop in Cap Hill - Korean/Hawaiian)

- Jamjuree (Thai)

- There are several sushi/Japanese restaurants on 45th in Wallingford, between Interlake and Densmore, that are excellent. Musahi's gets the hype, but if the line there is too long, just go to one of the others!

- Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese-ish - it's a chain and the line is always long, but it's worth it, and there are only like 2 other locations in the US, so it's not a chain in the sense that you'll find it everywhere you go)

- Szechuan Bean Flower. OK, this place is amazing. It's in Issaquah, so I pretty much only ever end up going there after a day of hiking or other outdoors activities near North Bend, but it's so good I am tempted to start making trips just to get their hand-shaved noodles.

- You have already probably heard the gospel of Wild Ginger and the Pink Door if you use yelp a lot, but I think they are worthy of the hype and probably easier to get to as an out-of-towner than some of my more far-flung recs.
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In my own hood, there's Toulouse Petit (corner of Queen Anne Ave and Mercer Street, Lower Queen Anne-- basically the northwest corner of Seattle Center)-- cajun food, elevated a bit. Huge menu, and save room for dessert... if you can. Cocktails too. Toulouse is also a terrific place for breakfast, which is really cheap M-Th until 11AM, like $5-6, IIRC.

Across the street is Tin Lizzie, a speakeasy-chic cocktail bar in a hotel there.

Saigon Deli in International District (Little Saigon sector) for Banh Mi. Dirt cheap and delicious.

Seconding La Carta Oaxaca as well as agreeing that the plates are small. The good news is that the margaritas are big! I once had a $35 dollar lunch there because of those goddamn margaritas.

Also good for small tacos: El Borracho (Ballard where Leary meets Market, or 1st Ave at the Market)-- tiny tacos, but so well made. Also, the nachos, regular giant mass of bar nachos, are some of the best I've had.

Sandwiches: Tubs Gourmet Subs (115th and Lake City Way, and worth the trip, without a doubt), Paseo (rebirthed in the last year under new ownership), Un Bien (the regenesis of Paseo by the former owner), Salumi (show up early-- like 11 AM early-- and wait in line, but such charcuterie sandwiches!), Bongos Cafe (on Aurora at 65th-- a little tricky to figure out how to get to, but gps will get you there)-- cuban/caribbean-style plates and sandwiches. Dot's Butcher & Deli in Pike Place Market, a rebirth of a great cured-meats place gone from Fremont. Meat and Bread (small canuck chain-- weekday business hours only).
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Pam's Kitchen has phenomenal Caribbean/Trini food. Not the best hours; I think one of their restaurants is only open for lunch and the other only for dinner. But the food.

Facing East out in Bellevue has some great Taiwanese dishes (invaluable when Din Tai Fung is running into multiple hour waits).

Sun Bakery is a hidden gem for ultra-cheap banh mi.
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Ba Bar at Capitol Hill. Great upscale vietnamese food.

45th Stop and Shop near UW for Poke bowls.

Ping's Dumpling House. The homey, hole-in-the-wall, mom and pop version of Din Tai Fung. Located in chinatown.
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The Grill From Ipanema - Brazillian rodizio, with a nice salad bar as well. It's pricy, but delicious.
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A bag of Dick's.
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I moved away from Seattle almost 10 years ago, but still miss Red Mill Burgers with a passion.
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I just moved from Seattle so this is making me so sad and some of these may be covered by Yelp already but I'm listing them just in case.

Yeah, PAM'S KITCHEN. This place is amazing. Did you know they make their own juices? Ask them about it, get some samples. Try their homemade ginger beer, too. Get any version of curry and extra roti. God I miss it. Also the main Thai place on 45th in Wallingfor (May Thai, I believe) has the best pad thai. Truly excellent.

Get thee to Byen Bakeri on Nickerson for top choice pastries.

No love for El Camion? Great Mexican food. Also Malena's up top on Queen Anne across from Macrina Bakery.

Morsel for biscuits - definitely worth the wait, at least once.

Oh, and have you guys been to Georgetown for food? There's some great stuff down there. Check out Ellenos for Greek yogurt (no for real, it is transcendent). All along Airport Way there are great lunch spots - stop into Two Tartes for lunch specials. Holy wow. Also Hitchcock's deli a little off the main drag for all the cured meats and an amazing Cuban.

What else? Roxy's Diner is the best greasy spoon in the city. Make sure you get there for breakfast, the rotational specials are killer. Oh and if you're down in Fremont try Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar right off 35th. Hole in the wall, easy to miss but my god. Then make your way over to Pie for, well. Good pie.

In Magnolia check out Time for Pho for surprisingly good pho, then head down to Urban Family Brewing for amazing beer (especially stouts).

And so on. There's a lot I'm forgetting, so forgive me.

I miss Seattle. Mostly I miss eating in Seattle.
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Seconding La Carta Oaxaca as well as agreeing that the plates are small. The good news is that the margaritas are big! I once had a $35 dollar lunch there because of those goddamn margaritas.

Also good for small tacos: El Borracho (Ballard where Leary meets Market, or 1st Ave at the Market)-- tiny tacos, but so well made. Also, the nachos, regular giant mass of bar nachos, are some of the best I've had.

If you're in the Wallingford district, TNT Taqueria and Agua Verde are good for tacos.
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I like Stellar Pizza
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Here's another recommendation for Din Tai Fung!
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Cocktails: Canon, the Zig-Zag Cafe, Knee-Hi Stocking Company (the friends we sent there recently said our recommendation was spot on, but that the bartender told them it would be remodeling soon, so … maybe it will work for you?).
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I ave no idea what Yelp recommends, but here are some I like that I haven't seen mentioned yet: Mashiko, Beth's, Uber, Guanaco's, Enat, Banh Mi Unwrapped, Bai Pai, Taste of India, Kabul, Flying Squirrel
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Not a restaurant, but awesomest foods: I'm currently in love with poke and so far the best I've had is from the Metropolitan Market on Sandpoint Way. I like it more than Poke to the Max, even; it's a deli so I can fill up on fish, and skip the rice that poke bowls have.
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The best pastrami sandwich I have ever had in my life was from Tat's Delicatessen. Recommended.

Also, quite possibly the best sushi restaurant in Seattle (small and reservations required, and it's in West Seattle): Mashiko.
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For cocktails, add to fedward's excellent list "Tavern Law," not far from Canon (well, within staggering distance). Pay no attention to the door behind the bookcase... or ask the bartender. I seriously don't know how to get into the openly secret upstairs speak, but I've never tried.

You might give Local360 a try-- it's in Belltown on 1st(?) (the area between the downtown business district and, roughly, the Space Needle) and everything they make, including behind the bar, is produced within 360 miles from here. Never had a meal there that didn't both sate my appetite and wish I had more appetite. Local booze is a tricky proposition because Washington and Oregon's distilleries are so young, but they've got it going on.
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