Captain Underpants Fan Fiction to the rescue?
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Ok, so I've gotten myself into the crazy situation of needing to plan an activity for several hundred children related to a Captain Underpants themed interactive display.

The display looks like this and I'm needing to fill 30-45 minutes with about 20 different groups of about 20 children a piece.

I need it to be slightly outrageous as befits Captain Underpants. I'm afraid I've talked this thing up a little too much and it is going to be underwhelming.

My thoughts so far--dress myself as the Wicked Wedgie Woman (any ideas for how to get her Medusa hair?) and "prank" the students. Since George and Harold are always causing pranks.

Then having students work as a team to "prank" me back.

I may have access to another adult or so you can dress up as well. I'm trying to get Captain Underpants, but I'm not sure if it will work out.

Other ideas are have students create cartoons, make them act out other characters.

Usually things like this get my creative juices flowing, but I'm just at. a. loss. here.

I do have a small budget, but I only have about a week and a half to pull it together.

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Response by poster: I should mention that I've been building up to a potential "prank" by telling the kids we have to take all the captain underpants books and fun books out of the library because they are not educational enough.
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Best answer: You should have them work in teams and do that thing that George and Harold do where they take the school sign and rearrange the letters. Like it used to say PEOPLE - WEAR YOUR SOCKS ON THE GYM FLOOR and they make it say PLEASE PEE-PEE ON YOUR SOCKS FOR WARMTH.

This could be basically free -- make the letters on cut-up pieces of paper.
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Yes, 2nding what BlahLaLa said and/or maybe some weird Mad-Libs-style game/activity as an addition. Ooooh, and/or maybe they can make sock puppets or paper bag puppets...and/or maybe somehow a small stage could be constructed and then they can take puppets (even ones made on Popsicle sticks) and act out scenes from the books or construct their own.

This seems so fun for the kiddos, and also hilarious.
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Oh! It could also be fun to have them make up would-be titles for Captain Underpants books...the titles are so funny!
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Best answer: The two-page flip book thing!
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Best answer: So the whole deal from what I remember with CU is:

Potty jokes
Kids being more clever/capable than people think they are

So what you need are potty-joke-related activities and puzzles

You can have a bean bag toss--into toilets (bonus: use rolled up underwear balls as the beanbags)
Use toilet paper to try to lasso something
Stack up empty cardboard toilet paper rolls as high as you can
Make a slingshot out of a pair of underwear and try to hit a target
There are lots of jokes about how gross the cafeteria food is. So do a variation on the "fishing pole" game where kids "fish" in a stock pot full of disgusting ingredients--old shoes! Kleenex with fake snot! Mud balls! etc. And maybe if they find something not-gross they win a prize.
Boogers are also a huge running them (one particular book I had to refuse to re-read to my kid because it literally grossed me out too much with the booger jokes) But you could play "flick the booger" as a game, again, like a beanbag game or target-hitting game. Or they could stuff a fake nose full of "boogers."
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Best answer: You could have each kid put on a cape one at a time and leap tall buildings (foam blocks?) without getting a wedgie

Additionally can you have a scavenger hunt using clues from the books?
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Best answer: Book 4 has Professor Poopypants' Name Changing chart -- you can print it large and have all the kids (and adults) make and wear nametags with their new names. If you don't have the book, the chart (and a generator!) is also here.
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