RIP Gawker, I need a new site to read
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After purchasing the Gawker Media assets, Univision will be shutting Gawker (as in the site) down in the next week. I have enjoyed reading the news, political coverage, and the championing of progressive causes in Gawker's often cutting, but humorous tone. SO! Where to next?

I'll probably read whatever site Hamilton Nolan ends up at and I've been trying to learn to like Vocative and Fusion, and I already love Vox... but I thought I'd go looking for some suggestions.

I was never much a fan of Gawker's more salacious gossipy past, but I did love them shining the light on injustice and general shittiness being done in the world. Some of the culture stuff was nice too. And the comments were great, which is possibly the only place on the internet where that was the case. So whatcha got?

It should've been you, Deadspin. It should've been you.
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The Awl and affiliated sites are pretty great.
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Yes, very sad news. News reports don't seem to say whether Nick Denton has a non compete agreement in the contract. In the meantime, I suggest Refinery29, Vox, and the frequently mentioned Buzzfeed. I have a feeling Mr. Denton will be coming back with these writers soon enough.
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Response by poster: Well, Univision has promised to retain 95% of Gawker staff and they're obviously keeping the other 6 sites up and running, so at least I still have Jezebel and Gizmodo (having absorbed my beloved io9) to continue reading. And yes, everyone expects Denton to win his appeal, but the fact is that he was forced to sell Gawker Media for about 100 million less than it was valued before all of the Thiel-driven lawsuits hit. That's a hard hit to absorb.

Refinery29 is a new one for me, I'll have to give that a look.
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NYMag is doing great coverage right now. Both longform pieces and shorter reads and aggregations of other news sites. I keep a few tabs of short reads open at the office, then print out the longreads for the treadmill after work. Highly recommend.
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Best answer: Tom and Lorenzo (they only cover fashion & TV/movies -- for instance, check out their amazing Mad Men costume analysis posts -- but they update many times per day and their writing is funny and cutting)
The Awl (a fairly good match, but more sincere)
The Hairpin (think The Toast plus The Awl plus Jezebel) just look at all those funny words
The Billfold (Awl subsite about money and home of the much-linked Story of a Fuck Off Fund)
The Atlantic (I know this is mostly middlebrow trollery but Ta-Nehisi Coates does blog there)
The Rumpus (more literary)
THE TOAST (the best thing ever, no longer updating, you could always catch up on the archives?)
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Bill Simmons's new site The Ringer might overlap a little with your interests. I personally don't like it as much as Grantland, but they have good pop culture stuff, and some funny tech coverage.
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My understanding is that Jezebel will still be up and they cross-posted a lot of the articles. I plan to follow Jezebel and see if they pick up more of the stuff you'd find on Gawker.
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Response by poster: I'm actually not a huge sports guy (anymore), but I did really enjoy Grantland when it was around because I'm also kind of an old wannabe literary doofus at heart. As much as I roll my eyes at sanctimonious baseball writers... they ARE kind of my people, embarrassingly. That being said, Bill Simmons is the Adam Sandler of the sports world and I don't particularly care for him.

You'd think I'd love the Wonkette, but man... I feel like their tone is WAY more juvenile than anyone my age has any place reading. And I watch cartoons! Alas.

There are good suggestions in here. I do love The Atlantic, The Hairpin, and The Billfold. I'm definitely going to add The Awl to my daily time-wasting. And I'll keep on keeping on with Vocativ, Fusion, The Mary Sue, Vox, Jezebel, Gizmodo/io9, The Nation, Jacobin, and ugh, maybe I should just start using Twitter regularly to directly keep up with the writers that I like.

Thanks everyone!
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I can't stand Simmons as a writer, either, but he has an incredible eye for talent. That said, the talent at The Ringer leans more toward the pop culture side of Grantland than the literary side, so I retract my suggestion.

Do you read Joe Posnanski or Rany Jayzerli? They're my favorite literary baseball guys right now, and both digress often beyond baseball. (Just a coincidence that they're both Royals fans.)

What about Frank Foer?
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Response by poster: Joe Pos is phenomenal!
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