I'm looking for some vegan dog food recipes.
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My friend has a poor pup that's allergic to just about every kind of meat. Prepared vegan dog food exists, but it's insanely expensive, so I'm interested in seeing if any of you have some vegan dog food recipes that she can make at home. I would be most interested in large-scale recipes that she can cook, portion out, and then freeze until needed. Thanks!
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I make bulk food for my pups from this book. I'm at work, so I can't say for sure if there are vegan recipes - but there are quite a few different recipes in the book. Their vet always comments to say whatever I am feeding them to keep it up.
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Has the dog actually been tested for allergies? It would be pretty rare for a dog to be allergic to most meats, they do require a fair amount of protein. Corn, Wheat & Beef allergies are the most common food problems for canines. You may notice that most dog food protein is a percentage from 15 - 20% with variations for age, weight & health and that would be kind of hard to get with a vegetarian meal.

Those dogs and dogs with sensitive digestive systems generally tolerate chicken, lamb, salmon for proteins and white rice (never brown or wild rice which take way too long for digestion), sweet potatoes, pumpkin, peas for binders.

I've had dogs allergic to beef & wheat and have cooked for them. I get 10 lbs of whole chicken at a time, cook it down in a stock pot, skim off most of the fat, remove all bones
Then I portion out a weeks worth of meat with some of the stock and freeze the rest.
Per dog I use 1/3 portion of meat to a mix of white rice, canned pumpkin and a bit of peas. To this I add a pinch of crushed egg shell every couple of days. In summer they get it mixed with cold chicken stock, in winter I warm the stock to mix in the food.
Treats for the dogs are Duck Jerky, Jicama or Apple bits and a canine multi-vitamin supplement.

Additional caveat: if this is a puppy, be very careful with a home cooked diet. Have the owner consult with a vet for the feeding recipes and frequency as well a health check on a regular basis during the growth period
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This link provides basic proportions and a lot of options to allow for customization based on what ingredients are most convenient for you. You will want to include a supplement like Vegedog.
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Have you tried fish? There are a number of salmon based prepared foods. But are you sure he's allergic to meat and not some other ingredient in his previous foods?
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I used to work for a small natural pet food company run by a veterinarian. They sold a vegetable and herb pre-mix that people would buy to combine with meat and oil. Often dogs who were allergic to other foods were allergic to the preservatives or other additives in commercial food and did well on the meat/oil/veggie combo. This vet really really advised against feeding dogs a vegan diet. I hope you can find something that provides enough protein and doesn't cause a reaction.
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FWIW, if the dog in question can tolerate different protein sources, my dog food recipe (from the book above) has interchangeable proteins in an oatmeal base, along with pumpkin, olive oil and a supplemental vitamin mixture. Currently, I'm making it with ground beef for the protein, but I've used beef heart and canned mackerel - which the dogs loved (stinky fish!), but the humans not so much. I've also fed them eggs as a protein source, when we don't have the big batch of "gruel" mixed up.
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Have you tried Taste of the Wild? They use "unusual" meats that work for a lot of allergic dogs. Our dogs have eaten the (bison-based) High Prairie flavor for years, and before that we tried a LOT of different dog foods.
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I fed my elderly dog home-cooked food for years, due to allergies. She was not allergic to meat, but was allergic to almost every other additive in every single brand of commercially made food we bought. I actually considered starting a home business and learned quite a bit when researching.

1. IpsoFacto is very much correct about feeding a puppy. Be very careful if your friend's dog is a puppy, and make sure they follow all instructions from their vet. There are vitamin mixes you can add and you really need to do that. Do an elimination diet first.

2. I fed my dog a 30-30-30 mix of carbs, protein, and veggies. Carbs can be rice, oatmeal, or any other grain. Both are cheap and easy to find. Veggies were usually canned green beans, either bought salt-free or rinsed really well before use. But sometimes I used other fresh stuff if it was on sale. Protein could be fish, chicken, beef, venison. I stayed away from pork because it was too fatty for my old girl. I bought a lot of meat on sale, and my southern hunting family kept me stocked up on venison and fish fillets when they cleaned out their freezer once a year. I used a lot of frozen chicken breast, bought in bags from Sam's. After I was used to it, I just eyeballed the amounts of each one, but in the beginning I did measure to make sure each one was 1/3 of the total.

3. I had a very easy and quick process that didn't take much actual prep time. Using a big stock pot, I boiled the protein until done. Took it out of the water and ran it through the food processor and then added it back into the water. This kept the protein equally dispersed. Add whatever veggie you are using and bring water back to boil, then throw in the carb and cook for correct time. Stir it up a little at the end if you need to, but it should be pretty uniform.

I made big batches and froze half. I had a little dog so only had to do it every other weekend. If you want the measurements I used, memail me and I will find my recipe. My old girl lived to be 19, and we believe she was happy and healthy until the end due to her diet. Good luck!
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I don't know if this is too expensive, but Halo's Vegan Garden Medley kibble is about the same price as their regular food on Amazon. We don't feed the vegan food, but our dog does well on their other dried dog food.
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If the dog is so frail and inbred that he really is allergic to all meats, then he should be promptly euthanized, not slowly tortured with malnutrition. Dogs are Canids of the Order Carnivora. It's right there in the name. Sure, coyotes and foxes are sometimes facultative omnivores, but they still need some meat. If your vet suggested a vegan diet, please get a second opinion. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I love dogs and want whats best for them.
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