NYC Rentals that Are Part of Hotels
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Here's a challenge: I'm writing an article on NYC luxury rentals that are in hotel buildings and provide access to hotel amenities (such as room service, cleaning services, etc). W New York is an example of what I'm looking for. Finding these is tough. They are often really sneaky! Can you find one?
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The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park has a similar program.
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Can't vouch for the veracity of every property on the list, but here's a start.
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Response by poster: Can't vouch for the veracity of every property on the list, but here's a start.

Thanks, I see where you were going with that. The difficulty of this particular research project is that many of these buildings only offer condos for purchase, not for rent---the websites are often opaque on the topic. So if you see any on that list that are for rent, let me know!
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Waldorf-Astoria does this. I believe the entire hotel is going to be converted to condos at some point in the next few years, though.
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When I stayed at Hotel Beacon a few years ago, my neighbor was a permanent resident (and a retired world-famous opera singer). It could be that he was grandfathered in, though, from before it was a hotel, and his place wasn't a rental like you're looking for.
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The Four Seasons has residences. I know people that rented their condo in a Four Seasons Residences in another city but they may have been renting from an individual condo owner and not the management company, I'm not sure.
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I was a temp in the offices of the NYC Mandarin Oriental ages ago (as in, roughly a decade), and they offered this at the time. I believe they have a dedicated wing or floors.
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I know that one can buy apartments in the Carlyle that rely on hotel staff for cleaning, room service (really lavish room service) etc. Pretty sure they have rentals as well.
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