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Has anyone had luck getting a refund from AVG? I paid $199.99 on 6/23 for AVG Go tech support, but they weren't able to fix my aged computer. On 7/14, I got an e-mail saying my refund request had been approved, but the money still hasn't come back into my account. I've called and called. Any other suggestions?
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Best answer: File a chargeback on your credit card?
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Call your credit card company ASAP. I don't know anything about AVG but they may be trying to drag it out until it's too late for you to file a chargeback.
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Response by poster: I used a debit card and apparently they don't do chargebacks. The bank is walking me through a dispute form of some sort.
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I've had to do debit disputes in the past, and they've always been fine, but I use a local credit union that's customer-friendly. Big bank mileage my vary.
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I was unable to get any response at all from AVG despite multiple attempts. I had used a personal credit card to get a year's virus protection for the office computer for a small company where I was employed. A year later after the company had folded, AVG charged the card again. I made multiple attempts to get in touch with them through several different channels and never got through to a real person over the phone, nor got any reply to my e-mails. Fortunately the credit card company willingly reversed the charge.

I think that your dispute form through the bank may be the only way to go. I would expect that they are no more willing to be responsive now than they were about three years ago.
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Response by poster: Not to editorialize, but I'm shocked that they are being so uncooperative. I guess I thought of them as "Good guys" in the battle against the evil viruses/hackers/etc.
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Response by poster: Not 100% resolved yet - the money's not in my bank - but because I started to file the debit fraud case, I had enough leverage to really get their attention. They've emailed me the refund transaction ID that I can track through the bank. Thanks for your help, everyone.
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Are you certain it was AVG you contacted and not a scammer? Either way, your bank is your best defense here.
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Response by poster: Resolved - the payment came back into my account last night. The threat of the debit fraud case really got their attention. Thank you, everyone.
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