To-do list app for Windows desktop that syncs with Outlook tasks
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As the title says, I'm looking for a to-do list/task manager app for windows desktop that syncs with Outlook tasks. I create Outlook tasks from email and OneNote, but would like a standalone app so I can view them all without getting sucked into responding to email. I'd rather not have a web app as I find I get easily distracted once I have a browser open.
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Do you use an on-prem Exchange mail system, Office 365, or something else?

I've done extensive research into this subject, and the biggest problem I ran into is that I wanted support for hierarchical tasks (ie tasks with subtasks), which is something that Outlook doesn't support.
If you're ok with that (and it sounds like you are, since you create tasks in Outlook already), then here are my notes:

Supports windows 8,10 and win phone.
30-day free trial, $3.99 for the windows or win phone app.

Support for Windows.
It says it integrates with Outloook, but I didn't try it.
Free version and fancier premium version for $29/year.

Support for Windows, separate app download, integrates with Outlook.
Manual here:'s%20Guide.pdf
$29.95 standard, $59.95 professional.

Swift To Do List:
Software is very early 2000's looking
Integrates with Outlook (you can create tasks from an Outlook task or email, but I don't know if items created in the Swift desktop software sync to Outlook.
30-day free trial, $99 to buy

Just to save you some time, ones that don't integrate with Outlook (as of a year ago):
todoist, wunderlist, great task, top task list.

I'm curious to see what other responses are to this thread.
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Have you tried using the OneNote tag summary pane or tag summary page?
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Response by poster: 8dot3 Corporate Office 365

2-Day - Does look nice, but frustratingly IT have disabled the windows store on our machines.

Todoist doesn't seem to sync with outlook tasks, but more importantly it comes embedded in the Outlook gui so doesn't solve my main issue of having a standalone option.

MLO doesn't have a trial version and having looked at many options that weren't up to the task, I'm reluctant to buy without trying.

Swift to do - I had discounted this one already based on it's looks. (I know, I know)

the agents of KAOS But the tag summary won't include tasks I've created outside of OneNote, like flagging an email to follow up later
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It looks like Wunderlist has recently added an Outlook plug-in.
It has a separate Windows app

The Outlook plug-in, however, requires a download from the MS Office store, which you mention was an issue with your IT department.
It's worth a conversation with someone in IT to ask if you can temporarily be excluded from that restriction so you can install this (or the 2-day) app. They may be hardasses about it, but since it's not a game or something they might work with you. I work in IT and we make exclusions like this all of the time for legitimate business-related applications.

Good luck.
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