Aquí no hay quien viva
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I want to watch the tv series Aquí no hay quien viva in the U.S. with English subtitles.

Preferably online, but I'm not seeing it.

Here it is in DVD form on Amazon
It says it's region 2, which is Europe. I want to watch it on my Macbook Pro (running Mavericks). I don't know if the dvd drive on Macbooks knows about regions.

What can you suggest?
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Macbooks definitely care about regions. You can blame the MPAA.

You can change the drive region in the DVD, but the firmware in your DVD drive will only let you do that 5 times, I think.

Another work around is to use, which I think may be able to play any region of DVD without causing the firmware to increment its region-change count. ymmv.
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The DVD appears to only have Spanish-language subtitles. Asuming you can work with that and the region issue, it may be cheaper to order it directly from
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Best answer: If this has never been broadcast in the U.S., it's unlikely that subtitles exist — unless the English-language fan community is somehow large enough that fansubs have been made. I googled and found evidence of just four episodes that seem to have been subtitled and posted to YouTube "for pedagogical purposes."
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Response by poster: @fings: Now that I think about it, Spanish subtitles would be fine. I can read pretty well, but my ear just can't keep up with speech.

@Mothlight: Thanks for the link, those are helpful.
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