Tattoo Repair on a Budget
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Is there a cost-effective way to get a tiny bit of ink removed?

I have a tattoo on my forearm - THAT I LOVE! was my first and there is a tiny problem I did not catch 'cause i was nervous. The artist made a stencil from a piece of art i provided. the artist's image software (i dunno what) auto-corrected (auto-incorrected) a bit of spanish text to have an accent where none is supposed to be. I did not notice at the time, and approved it and got inked.

Now that it has been pointed out to me, I am compelled to get it fixed. Tattoo removal fees are like "$100 per sq inch, 3 sq inch min".

Which is crazy. Right? I mean i need less than a sq mm dealt with.

Who has a suggestion?

(I've thought of just doing some home-surgery, but cutting it out would just leave a scar-accent instead of an ink-accent)
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Could you get it covered up or blended in to the larger piece instead? More ink is probably gonna be a lot cheaper and more reasonable than tattoo removal for that small an area.
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Have you actually made calls to tattoo removal places? Or just cruising google for ballparks? Try calling around, someone may be willing to work with you.
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Phunniemee has the right idea in that you should definitely call the removal places. Also consider calling doctors and explaining what a tiny correction you need. It is often more effective to speak to an actual person than to consult a website.
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There are constantly groupons for tattoo removal. However, you might want to not pay for the Groupon until you get a removal specialist to give you a sense of how long it will take and at what cost. The color of the ink and your skin matters a lot, I learned. Also the frequency of visits may matter if the locations isn't easy for you to get to.
Tl;dr, just get a quote!
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The quotes I've seen for tattoo removal are around $100/ square inch per session, but never with a minimum. Definitely call around.
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One tattoo shop I've gone to offers this new form of non-laser tattoo removal. I haven't experienced it and don't need it myself, but when I first heard about it I was so intrigued that I read a lot about it. It sounds like it might be perfect for your situation.
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