I want to do some reporting on this business group
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I'm a reporter interested in writing a story about LeTip International, which is a national, for-profit based organization supported by community based, non-profit business groups across the country.

I was a member for nearly a year but never saw any literature about the group other than its own brochures; i.e. no third party endorsements or reviews of the group's efficacy by outside entities. I know there was a shake up in organizational structure in 2014-2015, which resulted in many regional manager positions being eliminated and two or three coastal managers taking over.

I am already researching business publications such as Crains and Dun & Bradstreet, and online resources like GlassDoor. I have plans to contact chambers of commerce and business journals. But write ups about the organization, whether in mainstream or trade publications, are surprisingly hard to find. There is no reference to it on Wikipedia or even within Metafilter. If you can direct me to links I haven't found, I would appreciate it. I already know about its history and principles. But of the scores of local chapters across the country, Guidestar and Charity Navigator show only five and one of those (according to Guidestar), in McMinnville Oregon, has had its tax exempt status revoked. I want to get a better sense of how well known it is to the general public, if it is it involved in any community outreach at national or local levels, what kind of lobbying arm it has and what other changes have shaped the organization internally within the last few years. Several efforts to contact the national leadership have not been successful. Any help is appreciated.
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There are quite a few hits on LinkedIn. I didn't see any sensational exposés, but they might lead to some interviews.
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I'd try google searches for document types that may have been used internally by people involved with or contracting with the organization. an example would be: "letip international" filetype:pdf. You might also reach out to people from similar organizations like BNI to get comments. Finally a number of authors (and you can search books at books.google.com) mention letip, and authors are sometimes willing to engage with members of the press.
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