Help me find the right low-priced typeface for a print project
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I'm about to make a series of small poetry books that I want to share a typeface. Can you help me find the right one?

I want it to be something stylish, with a bit of a early-to-mid 20thC feel, and something that isn't just what people recognize from their word processor's font menu. I love House's Paperback text package, but alas I cannot afford it. What lower-priced body-text typefaces do you like? Where have you found them? I'm new to shopping for things of this nature, so advice welcome in that regard as well. Bonus for packages that include many styles.

The work in these small books will feature lots of whitespace, fwiw.
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Best answer: You might try looking around on these sites for serif and/or text fonts:
Hype For Type
They all have low-cost, sometimes free offerings.

FontShop even has curated Fontlists collecting certain styles — like this one of modern serifs, and this one of older-style serifs.
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FontSquirel is also a good resource.

I like Permian from their collection for what you are talking about.

Note that you won't likely find what Paperback is advertising: "... a resurrection of the practice of designing different typefaces for use at specific sizes." Not sure if that is important to you.
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For free options, you might try The League of Moveable Type.
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Best answer: Perpetua
The link seems to offer a subscription model that might interest you. I've also seen it available in packages elsewhere for much less (years ago, I don't know about now).
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