ISO cookbook with different versions (simple to complicated) of recipes
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I seem to recall looking through a cookbook (probably in a bookstore) that had three versions (or so) of each recipe: one very simple, one a bit more complicated, and one even more complicated. I would like to find this cookbook again, but my google-fu and amazon-fu are failing me.

It might have been a Mark Bittman cookbook, but I am really not sure. Sorry I don't have more information! Do any MeFites have suggestions of what cookbook I saw??
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Best answer: It's Bittman & Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Simple to Spectacular, and it's wonderful.
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Response by poster: Oh, wow, yes BlahLaLa, that's it! Thanks!

Thank you also for commenting that it's wonderful. It did look promising when I saw it, but I have never actually tried it. But now I will be buying it!
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There's a soup recipe in there -- I think it might be butternut squash -- and the medium-difficult level includes a goat cheese and chives dumpling...OMG out of this world delish! You're inspiring me to bring out and cook from it again.
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