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This is a long shot, but since I learned about the Glass planner app here, I thought maybe someone here can answer a question or two about it. It looks like everything I’ve been wanting in a to-do app, except that I can’t get it to play nice with Google Calendar. This is on an iPhone.

I have a sub calendar in Google for my daughter’s daycare menu. I like being able to check that occasionally, but I do not want to see Chicken Nuggets on my planner. Glass is fed from the Apple calendar, I believe. In the Apple calendar, I can turn the “Daycare Menu” sub calendar to be invisible, but it still shows up in Glass. The items from the calendar are tagged as “Daycare Menu,” but while it’s easy to use a filter to see only items with a particular tag, I can’t figure out if it is possible to filter out items with a particular tag. That would be ideal, but I’d also be happy if I could not import them to begin with.

I really love Glass’s format otherwise, and I might be willing to dump the daycare menu just so I can use it, but I’d rather not.
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Have you tried contacting their support at
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