How do I create a crossword puzzle for my Facebook page?
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How do I put a crossword puzzle on my Facebook page?

I want to to create a crossword puzzle for my business Facebook page. I intend using it for a competition.

I have all the clues made out, all I need now is an app (or some other way) to create the actual crossword.

Looking on Google does not turn up anything promising.

Hoping someone here can suggest a solution or a workaround.
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Do you want this to be playable in browser? Or would a downloaded .puz or .pdf work?

Regardless, my work firewall is against fun so I can't verify much of this right now, but you probably want to check out Across Lite Online.

For crossword puzzle editing, Crossword Compiler seems to be the gold standard. If this venture is not worth $50 to you, there are a variety of tools that can help you generate a .puz file (which is the standard crossword puzzle file format).

When I was playing around with puzzle construction them, I'm pretty sure I ended up using's super clunky tools, but I was able to download the .puz which I could text edit by hand to tweak.

You can feed a .puz into puz2pdf to get a pdf version. And you can play .puz files in a browser with various HTML 5 renderers (such as this one).
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If you want to have someone do it for you, I know a ton of crossword compilers, the same people who do the ones you see in all the major newspapers. Hit me up and I'll hook you up with names.
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