Moving You Tube Video to my Webpage
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A friend recently filmed a very nice 15 minutes of me performing, and I'd like to move it to my webpage as part of my permanent electronic portfolio/resume/cv. Feel free to talk to me as if I'm five when you explain how to do this. It's a wordpress.
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Go to the video. Click Share (under the video, with the arrow). Share will drop down. Switch to the SECOND tab, labelled Embed. Copy the code, paste it into your page or post in TEXT view.
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If it's Wordpress, this is actually very simple.

If you want to show your YouTube video on your wordpress site, simply copy and paste the YouTube URL into a Wordpress page or post.

Wordpress will do the heavy lifting for you, creating the embed code and everything. You just need the URL.
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DarlingBri's answer is also valid, but Wordpress will now do the embed code automatically. Try it both ways - learning how to embed various things can be useful!
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This is a useful resource for embedding video: Embed Responsively
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