What is this soothing match-3/match-5 game?
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What is the name of this Facebook match-3/match-5 game that's celestial-themed and has the most soothing music ever?

Some years ago I pretty regularly played this match-3/match-5 game on Facebook that was celestial-themed. The graphics were simpler than Candy Crush or Bejeweled - flat cartoon style, pretty kawaii, large board but the icons themselves are emoji-sized.

The main thing I remember about the game asides from its aesthetic was that it had utterly soothing music. Part of the reason I'd play that game so much was that the music helped me get to sleep. The music was similarly celestial-themed, pretty game-y, but not harsh. Soft chimes and such.

I played this around 2011/2012, when Glitch was big (I played those two games a lot). I don't even know if this game exists anymore, and it's not on my Facebook Games list because I did a cull a while back.
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Response by poster: Not Orba. This was a free Facebook game and the iconography was definitely kawaii space (stars and such).
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i know you said it was on Facebook, but it sure sounds like one of Ferry Halim's games, here.
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Gemspinner sounds somewhat similar, without the celestial theme, maybe the same maker?
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Response by poster: A little too commercial-y for Ferry Halim and wrong aesthetic for Gemspinner.
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