Olympic Replays - where are they?
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I keep missing the Olympics - women's gymnastics, Simone Manuel, etc. The NBC Olympic site has very few replays and I guess YouTube is on Olympic lockdown. Is there anywhere online to watch replays?
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Complete day 6 swimming finals are at http://stream.nbcolympics.com/swimming-day-6-finals. You may need a cable tv login and if your browser is blocking flash that will mess the page up (move to html5 NBC! sheesh)

I am re-watching Womens 100m freestyle as we speak.

Their site navigation is terrible but they have complete replays of all events.
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NBC's site is terrible, but it works. Here's how:

- Go to http://www.nbcolympics.com/live-stream-schedule
- Choose a day using the arrows. If you go there today it says "Friday, Aug 12"
- Scroll down to where the times are listed in blue-on-blue type on the left side of the page (really). Click "Completed"
- See all the completed events. Click on one to start the replay.

Alternatively, if you go to a day in the past (such as day 6), you get all the replays.

It all turns into a pumpkin after the Olympics, so watch quickly.

Bonus tip: the "Gold Zone" feed is NBC's multi-sport stream, which bounces around between events of interest and sometimes shows four at once in a split screen. You can watch that live and then switch to one of the specific streams for a particular event if you want to follow that one.
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You can try the CBC Olympics site. It won't be as US-centric, but since the US is doing well in pretty much everything, there will still be a lot of focus on American athletes. A friend of mine who lives in the US was able to access it, so I don't think it's geoblocked.
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I was successful in watching the CBC stream using a...special program...it is most definitely geoblocked.

However, the gymnastics streams were all available in full AND THEY SHOWED SOME NON-US ATHLETES.


It was lovely. I can share my method via email (see my profile) but it's not a free solution.
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There is a method of which I, like guster4lovers, am aware that will give you access to the CBC site. I've been using it for the entire Olympics and it's been great, it's also free. Memail me if you're interested.
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