Seeking clothes that politely and charismatically scream “Book me!”
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What are your favorite basic but stylish dresses and tops? I’m an actress assembling wardrobe options for auditions.

I’m focusing on Film/TV/Commercial auditions where I usually get photographed from the chest or waist up. Auditioning is hard and weird so I want to feel stylish and comfortable!

My personal style is pretty trendy, with lots of black, plaid, and loose fitting tops. If I was a cartoon character, the outfit I wear everyday would be a girly black dress with a plaid shirt tied around the waist, and funky boots. Huge fan of pretty, girly stuff like sundresses and boxy masculine stuff like loose button ups. My everyday style doesn't work for auditions so I want to bulk up on bright, pretty colors and flattering fits.

Seeking dresses and tops in this realm:
1. Clean necklines - simple, symmetrical, not too low cut, no lace
2. Stylish & casual - My goal is to look trendy enough that it’s not boring, but generic enough that it’s not distracting. This is my constant struggle. I am 21 and can play ages 16 through late 20’s.
3. Solid happy color - I have pale, pinkish skin so blues photograph nicely. Some pinks and greens. No black / white / grey. No patterns, or only super simple patterns.
4. Flattering - Hourglass figure, big hips and butt

Current successes:
This tank top and this t-shirt fit perfectly, hide bra straps, bright pretty blues, perfect necklines.

Almost but not quite:
I have this dress but it’s too nice to be casual. Skirt is too long and neckline too deep. Not ideal for an everyday commercial audition. Color & fit is perfect.
If this dress was in another color, it would be perfect.
If this dress wasn’t so short, it would be great.

I generally spend around $20 - $60 per item. The very top of my budget for any single item is $140. I also am a human and get sweaty armpits when I’m nervous. So fabrics that are kind in that regard are a plus!

All ideas are appreciated. Thank you!
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If the first blue dress fits you perfectly and is comfortable to work in, why not buy another and have it tailored to your specifications? Those would not be difficult adjustments.
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Or buy something similar to the first dress, like this.
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I think tailoring is the answer to this question. All the actors and models I know have everything tailored, even tanktops.
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Visit a Nordstrom to see a personal shopper. Explain your goal and let her or him get creative. Trained fashionistas come up with garments,combinations and overall looks that we mere mortals simply can't create. Or find a few pictures of fashion that make you say "This!" and set off for the stores. Off the top of my head, I would send you to Club Monaco and Anthropologie.
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Have you considered clothes from Boden? They are very attached to their prints, but they do offer many items in solid colors. They are near the top of your price range, but if you get on their mailing list their catalogs usually come with a discount code. Their clothes are well-made and their patterns are well cut to flatter women's figures.

If you get sweaty, I would avoid their polyester dresses, but they usually offer some natural fiber ones.
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Best answer: Macys also has a personal shopper service that I have used with excellent results. I agree that having an expert help you with this in person is the way to go. Plus it makes you feel awesome to have a dedicated fitting room and someone focused on helping you. I will never shop like a peasant again!
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The Ralph Lauren dresses at Macy's are pretty great and are pretty similar to the dress from ModCloth. They're even on sale now. I have dressed them up and down and they wear really well. They are at the upper end of your price range though.
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Best answer: Amazon might be your friend: example; another example; other example. It's a lot to sort through; quality is iffy but returns are usually pretty easy and occasionally something works great.
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