Birthday gift: BFF edition (bonus points if Adele related)
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My best friend's birthday is at the end of this month. We are going to see Adele in concert next month in NYC. I wanted to get her either Adele or concert related gift to begin the excitement. She is early 30's and her interests include all things pink, concerts and Broadway shows, 90's music and boybands, makeup. Dislikes include trying new foods, sports, driving.
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makeovers at sephora or MAC the day of the concert. the adele swag sold at the concert includes a really nice t-shirt and an eye mask, which i thought was nice and different. they also have a makeup bag that might be right up her alley.
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Merch for her to wear to the show. If she's not into shirts that have Adele's face on them, maybe this makeup bag? The sleep mask is amazing, but sold out.

Also, the eyeliner Adele('s makeup artist) uses.
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Get certificates to get your makeup done together the day of the concert at RougeNY. There is one in Soho and one in Midtown east and it's fun, you get cocktails while they do your makeup and it is a very girly experience.

ETA: If you go to the midtown east one, you can get a custom shade of lipstick made for you on the spot! And you get to name it. I finally got a nude that is exactly my lip color plus a tiny bit more pink...
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Try looking on Etsy - you might find something unique and fun she'd enjoy.
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