Snacks that can be ordered online?
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I have fallen in love with ordering craft beef jerky online. It's delicious and easy and doesn't require a trip to the store. What are some other tasty, ready-to-eat snacks that I can order online? High in protein and low in carbs is preferable, fattiness is NBD.

Feel free to suggest things of any price range, but bonus points for reasonable cost. The beef jerky is a bit expensive-but-so-worth-it, but part of the reason I'm asking is I'd like to find snacks that cost a little less.

Also, I'm aware of grocery delivery services. The grocery delivery services in my area stink and really don't meet the needs that led to this question.

(In case anyone is wondering, I mainly order from Lawless Jerky. The other "snack" that I order online is cans of V8 juice in bulk.)

Every food question inevitable gets a "make your own at home" response. That is nearly the opposite of this question and will be flagged aggressively.
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I got in on Graze pretty early some years back, and only stopped because the price increased to a point where I lost interest (which, for a person buying boutique jerky might still be reasonable). BUT the snacks are legit awesome, there's a huge huge variety and the novelty factor is high. It looks like my referral code is still active if you're interested in trying it out and want a couple free boxes.
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Response by poster: Yes please. MeFi Mail sent.
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I came to suggest Graze as well, but with a caveat. I get their 8 snack box and it is nice to try new things, but you really have to stay on top of rating the snacks that you don't want ever again. If low carb is important to you, you can filter out a lot of the high carb stuff right away, but they can add new ones at any time. I also find their dried fruit to be pretty meh except for the craisins. Have someone you can give any carby stuff to so you don't feel like they are being wasted.

The nice things is that when you find something you loove, you can order it in larger amounts.

Sahale snacks are also good but vary in their carb level. I know you can get them on Amazon and I assume other places sell them online, too.
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I love Moon Cheese, especially the cheddar flavor. It's virtually no carb and crunchy and delicious. I think that the best price can still be found at
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Do you enjoy cashews? Do you enjoy pickles? Do you enjoy PICKLE-FLAVORED CASHEWS?

I DO! I buy them at the store, but they're available in semi-bulk from Amazon in 100 calorie packs. I need the 100 calorie packs because I will go bonkers on these if I have no limits.
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I love Vitacost. If you go to their website, you can click on "snacks" under "food and beverages" and then check off any special things you're looking for on the left-hand side, e.g., low carb, paleo, gluten free, vegan. I buy larabars in bulk from them and also get raw nuts. Shipping is free if you order $50 worth of items - I get a bunch of staples from them every month or so, including soap and shampoo, so I have no trouble hitting the $50 amount.
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Check out as well-- they have some great snacks (a lot more than just nuts), an excellent website and fantastic customer service. Their habanero pistachios are to die for, and not as spicy as they sound. Also, a shout-out for KIND bars - especially the dark chocolate & sea salt variety.
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Have you ever tried Salmon Jerky? It ain't cheap but it's really yummy. Try to find a vendor in Astoria, Oregon; I know there are mailorder places there.
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Graze is kinda the best thing ever. I live for the flapjacks.
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There is a nuts/snacks website I've ordered from before, and whose name is escaping me right now, I thought "nut" was in the site name (not I will do some research later when I have a faster internet connection and post when I figure it out.

But they are the best snacks I've ever found online. The Marcona almonds were awesome, and they had lots of custom snack blends, trail mix, and hard to find gourmet items, at good prices.

I've also ordered from La Tienda ( I believe), which specializes in Spanish food. Their Marcona almonds were ok, but not nearly as good as the other place's. But I also got some very good hard sausages, chorizo, and cheese.

(And of you've never had fried salted Marcona almonds, try ASAP. They are the crack of all almonds.)
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Aha, it is The best Marcona almonds, and my other favorites, under Asian snacks, are the wasabi peas and roasted edamame. They also have dried fruit, nut butters, candy, and snack mixes.

As the name implies, they do sell in bulk, and it gets cheaper as you go up, but they also sell relatively small packages. Everything I've tried from there was really good quality.
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I've ordered salmon jerky from Alaska's Best before, and been pleased.

Primal Pacs says they'll be back soon; I don't know if that's true. I liked this jerky when I had it a few years ago; some people found the packaging to be slightly disturbing, as the cranberries can look a bit gory.
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Nuts dot com is one of my BFFs for snacks. Their quality is fantastic, they have plenty of special diet friendly (and not so friendly) snacks. Plus their shipping is LIGHTNING fast!
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Hubs Peanuts, or Chukar Cherries.
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Smoked salmon on stick (regular or Cajun). I've had these at the Big E and loved them.
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Mexican Japanese peanuts
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